Accept Release Change

Accept, Release and Change

When releasing old issues, pain or hurts it is important to be able to face the situation honestly and in doing so you also identify or notice your feelings or emotions at the time. We will do some practical work to release the emotions or feelings and this is done using a very ancient technique of identifying your emotions and burning.

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Write a list of your feelings

Write list of the emotions you felt when you reviewed your issue or event, this is important because these are the feelings you have covered up or suppressed in your physical body or spiritual bodies.  It is these emotions, your mind will trigger to bring you down and weaken you.

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Prepare a work area

You may wish to do this work when you are alone.  You will need a metal container like a bowl or a pan to burn in, if you have a fireplace or BBQ grill this would be good to use.  This can be done outside or in a kitchen area.  You place the bowl or pan in the sink.

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Acceptance and Release Affirmation

Below is an example of some emotions and how to release and change them.

It is important to Transmute all links and connection into nothingness, as this means the link will be dissolved regardless of the element used to create it. Different energy types can be formed by Fire, Water, Air and Earth these are known as elements. If a psychic has created a link to you they will have used very low-level entities which come from the elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Burning or cutting a link, cord will not work if it was created by water or air, therefore, transmuting it is asking The Divine Manifestor, Light of All Lights, Holy of All Holies  or the Universe to use whatever is needed to dissolve this link to be no more, make it nothing.

In doing this there will be no more links between you and the person or people who victimized or abused you.  The only future connections between them and you will be if you allow it.

You need to write something similar to the sample below with a black pen.   The wording used in these expressions are important and you can consult me about what you think you should write.  Writing negative statements are no good and wasting your time and energy.  You may like to write more detail into what you want to release because you feel you should then do so.

I recommend only doing a few at a time as you will heal from every release.  The healing from this type of affirmation is very strong and you will be unusually tired needing to sleep it off.

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Sample Method

I NOW accept I have been a victim

I NOW release being a victim and all links and connections to (NAME of Person or People) who has victimized me transmuting all their links and connections to nothingness.

I AM NOW worthy and of value

I AM NOW FREE of victimization


So it is manifested


I NOW accept I have been ashamed

I NOW release all shame and transmute the links and connections to all the (NAME of person or people) who made me feel ashamed into nothingness.

I AM NOW proud of myself

I AM NOW FREE of shame


So it is manifested


I NOW accept I have been abused

I NOW release being abused and all links and connections are to be transmuted into nothingness from (NAME, Person or People) who abused me.

I AM NOW Loved

I AM NOW FREE of Abuse


So it is manifested

Once you have written the Release Affirmations read each of them 3 times then burn it in your chosen area.

If you are using a kitchen sink to place your bowl or pan then rinse away the ash, clean bowls and sink.

Forget what you have done and under no circumstances do you share this procedure with other people as they may forewarn the people who wish you harm.  This is important when dealing with people who are psychic attacking you if they find out what you are doing they could block and counter attack.

Find something grounding to do.

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Simply be you, live your life simply

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