Accept Bring In Change

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Personal Negative Viewpoint

When you accept your emotions be them suppressed by you or you have been conditioned by other’s to feel this way about yourself.  This is your Personal Negative Viewpoint.

Personal Negative Viewpoint  is not your real personality it has been absorbed, added, imposed upon you thus become ingrained or rooted into your physical and spiritual bodies.

When you face difficult situations with people instead of speaking out your point of view or opinion you withhold it.  This will leave you feeling

“I wish I had said or asked …….”

This often taunts or provokes your mind to make you feel inadequate and the issue is not finished as you suppressed or withheld your response to keep the peace.  To survive the incident you mask it or bury it deep within you.

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Withholding Abuse

This is one of the most painful areas in people’s lives when they have been abused in whatever form it has taken.  Someone has transgressed or gone beyond the boundaries of your personal space with overpowering tactics or trickery.  Making you feel completely helpless.

Many people experience abuse from verbal put downs, bullying to extreme physical abuse.

The feelings are helplessness, inadequate, stupid, worthless, unclean, a victim, fear, shame, innocence betrayed.

Allowing this to go on means you absorb a negative or evil person’s control over you.  All serious abuse should be reported to police and medical authorities. Always seek help.

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Why Suffer in Silence?

By keeping silent and not voicing your anger or right to speak, you are giving your right to speak and control of yourself to others.  Your will power will become weak, restrained or stopped.  Leaving you weak, depressed and demoralized.

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Walk Away

If you are victim, who has suffered serious emotional pain or physical pain, as a result of another person’s bad behaviour.  You must walk away from them and keep them out of your life.

People who wish you harm should be kept out of your life because they do not RESPECT YOU.

SEEK HELP from the authorities or people you can trust.

If people in your life are always against you and putting you down making you feel like you cannot do anything.  You need to stop these people from entering or being part of your life no matter how hard it seems you are better-off without them.  If they cannot leave then you have to and make plans to do so.

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 Simply be you, live your life simply


These are my methods of natural healing and have been channeled from my Soul.

I am unable to guarantee you will have the same experiences.

In no way do I infer I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health.

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