Accepting Releasing Issues Course

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Soul healing is the safest way to heal at your pace and understanding.

This is a simple self-help course on how to clear out old issues and emotions which are holding you back.

Once you have started to work with your soul you will begin to notice past events which have been painful to you or your behaviour style that has been upsetting to others start to appear in your thoughts.

This is an indication or a sign you should take corrective action to remove and change aspects of your life so you can move on and be freer.

This is one aspect or feature of the Soul. The Soul is the Divine you and your body is just a host whilst you journey on Earth.  Remember your Soul is an energy manifested by The Divine Manifestor this is your true self.  Your Soul keeps a record of all that has happened in your life. This is how you have memories some of them good and others which are painful.  It is the painful memories which have to be released and the good memories to be cherished.

Issues such as, past pain, trauma, and hurts naturally bubble up to the surface in your thoughts. This is how your soul tells you they are ready to go, your soul will present them to you as thoughts, visions if you are clairvoyant or you may hear dialog if you are clairaudient.

This course is to help build trust and faith in yourself enabling you to determine and assess what is right for you.

I have set out a simple method and steps so you can work on your own issues.  No need for a spiritual practitioner or see a therapist to work through your personal issues.  You can do this yourself.

Are you ready to start unravelling the mystery about yourself to find the real you?

Let’s go !

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Review of Course

Mentors on the spiritual path have many ways of describing the journey of connecting with the essence of who we are and then acting in ways that allow that essence to blossom. Through years of contemplation and searching, Nanette de Ville has shaped a refreshingly simple approach based on her own, unique vision.

Her Soul Healing booklet is a small gem. What sets it apart is that it is not intended to create dependency. Instead, Nanette de Ville teaches a path of acceptance and release that enables us to take control of our own lives, without the need for expensive programs or someone else’s answers. Each section is short, clear and easy to implement.

This is a guide to tuck in a place where you can turn to it regularly, when you’re feeling troubled or uncertain or shadowed by past events. The videos Nanette de Ville is creating also expand on her wise advice and create a bond with anyone on a path toward a more spiritually grounded life.

C Wellner, Canada  8 June 2016

 © 2014 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

 Simply be you, live your life simply


These are my methods of natural healing and have been channeled from my Soul.

I am unable to guarantee you will have the same experiences.

In no way do I infer I am a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

You are responsible for the decisions you make regarding your health.

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