I opted for Natural Healing

I opted to use Natural Healing and Remedies due to my family experiencing many malpractices within the medical professional services.

I learned I had to heal myself many people have no understanding of this as they flock to the doctor who they believe has the answer for everything.

Not everything we experience health-wise or spiritually can be treated by medicine.

There has to be alternatives which do not harm us.

I found medicine creates blocks in the body or moves the disease to another part of the body often creating a more serious illness.

I can no longer take any form of medical drug as it makes my mind spin out of control creating a shift within my head and body the drug really has an adverse effect on me.

It has to be natural.

I also have faith in Our Heavenly Father to heal me there is none wiser or more adept than HIM.

The power of Our Heavenly Father’s love for us comes through in HIS healing and from our faith in HIM.

Remember you are loved

© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “I opted for Natural Healing

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    A lot of the natural healing ideas that my grand-mother told me about often worked. In my case some of my doctors would rather put me on a medication then take the time to try to figure out what is wrong with me. It’s been so frustrating!

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  2. kindfeelings says:

    This is so true, nature provides us with medicinal fruits, vegetables and herbs. The inner smile technique where you smile while sending positive energy to your internal organs is very healing.


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