Healing with Holy Angels

How are you coping with the changes in life?

Are you healing?

Are you facing some of your inner realms you did not know you had?

The week before Christmas I had a bad time of it, same again a few days before New Year and again after New Year. I am grateful I have good trusted friends who are excellent healers they really know how to help me. We are a group of ladies who are very adept in all we do.

It was an agonising time believe me and with the help of Lord Yeshua and some Holy Archangels and my own inner ability to overcome the recurring issue we succeeded and I am truly grateful.

Now I am working with Holy Archangel Michael and his Holy Angels to clean up the debris and continue with the healing. The healing is intensive on a daily basis I have to take time to have the healing. Believe it or not my cats call me to go take my healing they also participate in the healing. Cats like order in the home.

I have not been to a doctor for over thirty years now. Healing is the only way for me or natural remedies. It is worth taking the time to have healing I can see the progress on myself. I am enduring some pain as my body is being repaired and tissues regenerated.

Many people believe they can call Holy Archangels or Holy Angels at will because they want what they want and believe they have a right to receive without making any commitments. This is the attitude of the selfish and greedy.

Holy Archangels and Holy Angels will only help those who commit daily to Our Heavenly Father, Lord of the Light, The Divine depending on your belief. You have to give of yourself in order to receive. If you do not commit then you are calling Fallen Angels and Demons. These evil beings like to stoke ignorant people’s egos and appear in the most alluring ways. They will help you to ensnare you into their web of deceit.

You too can receive healing from the Holy Archangels, as I am not an elitist you have to know there is a requirement of committal.

Roses Collage Fantasy Romantic Mystical Flowers

Remember you are loved

Β© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

I am so happy today I have found very beautiful photographs or art on Google Images credit always to them


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