Beware of Protective Symbols

It was brought to my attention the other day when a friend asked me what I thought of a hand with the Eye of Ra on it.

I found myself immediately being averted away from the design and especially the eye.

I said it is evil. Why?

Evil is subtle and uses many tactics to attract or lure innocent people into its lair.

Whoever had designed the picture was evil they had decorated the palm of a hand and in the center drawn the Eye of Ra, the odd things was they input a photo of a real eye it was one from an evil person. The meme on the hand definitely did not reflect what was being shown.

I do not use any symbols to protect me I stand strong in Our Heavenly Father for protection there is no need for all this nonsense. Remember the Power of Prayer.

I love you all and this is why I write about these things to make you aware to avoid you getting harmed.

Important to question everything do not follow the crowd and parrot what those who want to harm you say.

Maintain your sovereignty.

The photograph above is to show you the difference between the two symbols.

Β© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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