Weirdness of Cats

Tabitha and her Scots Pipes and Drums

As New Year approached I was playing some Scots Pipes and Drums and to my amazement Tabitha jumped up on the desk sat mesmerised and enthralled with the video of the Scots Pipes and Drums she just loved the sound regardless of the video.

This the Pipes and Drums Video Tabitha was watching today.

As she sat watching these videos I asked her would she like to return to her Soul Roots and she said “yes” Tabitha is a gorgeous cat though born here in Egypt longs to return to her Celtic Hereditary.

Tabitha is one of few words saying “Yes” and “Are you all right?”

Now Jemima likes to sing and her favourite singer is Bill Withers “Lean on Me”

Jemima is very vocal and can speak very well if she chooses. We sing along together to this wonderful song.

We wish you all a blessed day filled with success and love.

Remember you are loved

© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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