Homeland Beckons

British Isles

Today I stepped onto my balcony always looking to the sky and there I saw in cloud formation the British Isles.

Please bring me home be it over sky, sea, field and mountain.

Why did I think you stopped loving me?

I so miss your glory the rain and mist all has its story.

I miss all the song birds hailing each a new day.

I live in solitude, a life sentence a prison.

I was drawn away by having to complete a soul contract of ancient times.

I swear after I return I shall stay close within your boundaries refusing to wander afar.

This endurance has wearied me living as a beacon of Light within the thickness of a dark world.

Please clear the way for me to return I long to tread in the snow and walk in the misty vales once again. Let the freshness of the magical air fill me with daily breath. To sit by the Oceans or Seas to release all that ails me and renew my whole being.

Oh Lord show me the steps to leave my confinements now I am heavy in heart so heartbroken with life.

Β© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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