Power of Healing – Quiet Please

Healing Orb

I have been playing with healing as living in the city here is like a hell hole.

So many empty vessels and you know they make a lot of noise.

So much I could not tolerate it the other day. One man was in a argument with himself he was shouting loudly it went on for what seemed like forever. I threw a healing orb at him. I did not go and look I just threw an orb in the direction of his noise and yes! silence.

Imagine if you will a net full of healing cast over the city area

At one point I cast a healing net over the area to reduce the noise. Imagine if you will a net lit up with healing energy encapsulating the area and bring quiet and peace.

At night there are many feral dog packs and they fight viciously I shot arrows of flaming healing into them and one dog persisted so I fired one straight at him and yeah silence.

The whole area yesterday was considerably quieter.

My need for quiet is greater than theirs for noise.

NOW think about it what if more people did this form of healing rather than fighting.

© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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