Healing and Cleansing – Your Pets?

Did you know when you do spiritual cleansing and inner work it also affects your pets?

Oh yes very much so.

My cats and I work as a team healing and caring for each other this is what life is about.

Your pets would find you difficult to live with if they did not also change in similar ways to you.

Those of you who have rescue animals they will suffer from emotional trauma too, it cuts deep into their emotional spiritual body. You may not be aware of the exact trauma these lovely souls have gone through but you possibly saw the physical pain and trauma they endured.

My own cats suffered greatly at the last place we lived in Gharb Aswan (West Aswan) the Nubian people there were merciless in their attitude and behaviour and as a result they were vicious to my cats especially Tabitha.

You can see where they tied a rope around her neck to use her as a lure for a pack of dogs.

They victimised Tabitha relentlessly. After we moved and we have been here about 2 months now she spent 24/7 sleeping only waking to eat and toilet. Poor little thing was extremely traumatised and she was foolish to be duped or be caught by them. Jemima too had her fur hacked and after the move she spent about a month under the sheet healing. We all curled up on the bed to generate the healing between us. Slowly both of them have become their former self. Jemima and Tabitha have become good friends which they were very alienated against each other. It is like the clock was turned back to how they were. I am grateful for this renewal.

You have to allow them to cleanse and purify themselves remember healing takes time.

My cats have taught me a lot about where not to buy food and to beware of food that had been contaminated in our home. They refused to eat or drink in fact Jemima used to point with her paw to the food and water indicating it was contaminated.

Your pets will be looking after your environment as they can see, hear and smell what you cannot. Therefore, listen to what they have to say to you. You are a team.

Include your pets in all protection prayers and anything you are practicing to raise your vibrations. You will find they eagerly want to be part of this with you. Animals love Our Lord’s Energy and are drawn to sit, sleep and receive healing from the Divine.

Remember you are loved and so are your pets.

© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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