Hathor Research My Inner and Outer Journey

A true statue of Hathor

I am writing my view point about Hathor as I disagree with the findings of the scientists.  I believe scientist are limited or restricted to keep within the boundaries of the ruling classes in order to protect those in power.  Scientist can only relate to what they physically see and not the Divine Symbolism.  Symbolism was used considerably in Ancient times as the Queens and Kings, Gods or Goddesses, Guardians or Patrons were supreme manifestors. Manifestation is not understood by scientists.  Scientists apply their current knowledge of life on Earth as they are unable to perceive Divinity.  So easy to see how views of degradation have been applied to their interpretation. 

Defaced carving of Hathor

Many of the reliefs or artwork dedicated to such as Hathor were defaced by evil manifestations.  Manifesting in the times after Hathor was well practiced by evil.  It was evil who defaced all the imagery of Hathor making her appear cow like and with horns.  Horns are a sign of evil this was not Hathor’s image. 

It was in the interests of the growing evil power to demonize Queens like Hathor, Hekate, Lilith, Mary Magdalena and other Divine Feminine.  The manipulative and controllers could not have Queens who were pure in their being and lifestyle.  Stories were created to give the impression of being whores and practiced evil as the true evil hid on our planet.

Hathor like the other Guardians followed Our Heavenly Father’s Laws and imparted much love and was a great benefactor on the Earth people during her era on Earth.  Hathor took her guardianship seriously of the land she was appointed to care for ensuring the people were guided to live harmoniously. Our Earth at this time was one of peace.  Peace Ruled!

Sacred Cow

Hathor was a patroness for food and sustenance.  The statue of a Sacred Cow was depicted in representing nourishment both spiritual and materially.  The Cow was the symbol in ancient times for this. This is similar to the practices in India.  Statues of cows are not Hathor.

Hathor is a great healer her spirit or soul still lives on and people through Our Heavenly Father call upon her to assist with healing and life issues just as in the same way you would call upon the Holy Mother, Lord Yeshua, Holy Archangels and Holy Angels. 

Evil is always trying to ensnare the Divine on the Earth it is their way.  Amazing these statements of degradation have been done long after Hathor’s reign on Earth.  The evil were no match for Hathor’s spiritual gifts and manifestation skills.

As far as Hathor being a drunk this would have gone against all Divine Laws and her responsibility as a Queen and Guardian of her people.  As evil infiltrated into all things, any celebrations in honour of Hathor would have of course be turned into one of erotic debauchery.  Where as in actual fact they originally were very high level spiritual gatherings.  Hathor trained many Priests and Priestesses who dedicated their life to the teachings of Hathor through her knowledge of the Divine Laws and practices.  Egypt was renowned for Divine Healing Therapies this was a great heritage and legacy from Hathor’s reign which angered those evil rulers who opposed this.


Hathor only had one husband Horus they ruled as King and Queen having three children 1. Horus, 2. Ihy, 3. Neferhotep.  As scientists have written Hathor paid service to other god’s producing their offspring this was not true.  In understanding Divine Laws multiple wives or husbands were not allowed this was the influence of evil and had to be written into the history books to make them acceptable.

What was manifested?  The Pyramids, all Temples they were all a thought and then appeared.  Impossible these magnificent feats of architecture were all from manmade labour, nor were they designed for the use of evil.

So much hatred was projected against the Divine Feminine the Queens, Goddesses and Guardians placed by Our Heavenly Father on the Earth with their supreme manifesting gifts and had their male counterparts Kings, Gods, Guardians to work alongside. Is it any wonder we have a false view of who were of true goodness and stood for Our Heavenly Father’s Laws.

Please note this writing is my opinion based on what I can feel and sense from living in Egypt.  I work on a high level vibration through my soul to gain understanding from the Divine.  Only now have I had time to contemplate and question directly to the Divine about my impressions of an unknown era in time, a time before evil, and a time before pharaohs. 

© January 2021 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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