Faerie Godmother’s Blessings

I believe in Faeries. I see the faeries as shown in the photograph above. They appear just like that on the walls of my home. Gives a warm and magical feel to me.

Faerie Gift of Peace

What have Faeries left for us today? Woohoo as I open the box and out sparkles Peace oh watch the peace flow over the world today it is a blessed gift for all.

Gift of Love Divine

Oh the Faeries do love us all as this gift explodes spraying us with Love absorb the love into your being, know you are loved very much by Our Heavenly Father. Continue to share the love throughout the world your world.

Gift of Harmony

The Faeries are about to dance with glee “Let’s have Harmony” spread harmony throughout our world. Let’s end the chaos and exchange it for love and peace. Harmony floats like snowflakes melting onto our whole being.

Hold on to your dreams they are about to come true

This is a magical gift for Boxing Day.

Remember you are always loved.

© December 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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