Gratitude – Prayers Please

I have so much gratitude to everyone who came to my rescue with prayers. All were needed and you all helped to stop the evil attacks on me.

I found out who was doing them my friend’s brother girlfriend. The woman is what is known as a natural witch. PLEASE do not confuse this with those who are good witches and work to help the good. The woman could think a thing and it would happen though her powers are very much weakened and is very ill thanks to everyone’s prayers. Dina was paid to do this attack on me by the brother of my friend. Dina steals money using her evil ways. How could she do this? In Egypt people are not fond of banks and they keep huge amounts of cash in their home. Dina often took money for her boyfriend. My friend until now could not understand why his brother had so much money.

Dina uses graveyard evil spirits to assist her in her evil deeds.

What was I experiencing?

The attack was a physical force trying to take control of me and I had to use my entire spiritual and physical force to push back on them. First they attacked when I opened my washing machine I nearly passed out. They continued to attack when I got out of bed and they tried to push or throw me back down. As I stood I also call Jesus Christ/Lord Yeshua to cast out the evil in whatever form it was. I could see the evil spirits being taken away in seconds.

Your prayers formed a forcefield around me to draw on. Some very powerful prayers there, grateful.

I also included my own prayers to help those who were victims of this kind of graveyard ritual sometimes called voodoo or hoodoo. I asked Our Heavenly Father to send Holy Angels to rescue them from this ordeal. This was also part of my healing.

They also manipulated my friend into being aggressive in mood and I knew this was not him as he was affected by the evil. Quite a lot to deal with.

Forever grateful to everyone who prayed for me.

May Our Heavenly Father place blessings on you and your family.


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