The Pure Soul

Good Soul Energy

Today I have been receiving these thoughts from my soul. In our life these days there is so much abuse to boys/men/girls/women it really is heartbreaking reading all the horrendous accounts of innocent lives. It saddens me so much.

Good people have a Soul one like the picture above it is pure and shiny just as Our Heavenly Father manifested. The Soul remains pure regardless of what happens here on Earth it is the physical shell which is harmed along with the lower spiritual bodies.

So much emphasis is placed on being a virgin this has no bearing on a soul whatsoever. A soul does not have genitals as the soul is only energy no physical form. Evil entities are different they have been created by evil and are in their likeness.

I am being asked to pass on the message to all those who have been sexually abused you are still pure as your soul remains untouched. You shine from within even though you may be in trauma from your evil experience. Evil harms the body to defile a good soul to make them feel impure and evil only harms good souls after all what is the point of defiling something which is already defiled.

You can call upon Holy Archangel Raphael and Holy Archangel Zadkiel to cleanse and purify your body and spiritual bodies. They will do this for you with much pleasure to help you regain who you used to be.

As for being a virgin for marriage this is really some kind of evil joke. A virgin means not having sexual activity but it does not mean the person is pure far from it. Many who have been defiled are far more pure than those who were born of evil. When you can see the entities within a person and they are full of darkness what is pure about them. Purity comes from the Soul and only Good people have souls.

When you feel down or unclean because of what people gossip about remember you are still pure, beautiful and loved by Our Heavenly Father. You shine. Bring forth the beauty from within you and shine it out to the world. We need you to join us in shining the Love to this Earth. You are included in God’s Love only evil is excluded. Those who harmed you are evil, the lowest of the low they are unclean and putrid.

Good Souls are beautiful and pure manifested by Our Heavenly Father. He manifested them to be untouchable as God loves His children.

Remember you are loved

© November 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


14 thoughts on “The Pure Soul

  1. Infinite Living says:

    The purity of the soul shines through all that we inflict on ourselves or others with our humanness or lack of too. There is divine validation for us just being, regardless of the stories of our life. You post will be appreciated by so many who suffer.

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  2. Karima Hoisan says:

    Beautiful message you bring for many who hopefully can hear it. I personally , have been very lucky in my life to have never have known abuse of this kind, but I am sure so many have suffered abuse and your words are like a cleansing.. Blessings

    Liked by 3 people

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