Moon Delights

Half Moon

I was so delighted to see this and also to photograph the Half Moon on 23 October 2020.

Full Moon 31 October 2020

The sky was a delight to watch so much activity taking place in the higher realms.

Full Moon 31 October 2020

Clear view of the Full Moon

Full Moon and Orbs 31 October 2020

The magnificent orbs around the Moon and her aura. They were moving so fast I could not capture them. Just managed to get on Violet Orb.

The Moon Playing with the Clouds 1 November 2020

The scene with the Moon dancing behind the clouds was so picturesque does not show clearly here.

Demonic Orbs 1 November 2020

The darkness comes forward to show itself letting us know about the ugliness that resides around.

Orbs of Darkness 1 November 2020

Look like a captured a star amidst the darkness. There certainly was a battle of sorts going on.

Demonic Orbs 1 November 2020

© November 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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