Life on Funny Farm My Story 2

Great Sphinx of Giza with the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Egyptian Men

I have made it very clear to as many people as possible I have no interest in Egyptian Men.  I would not want to marry one.  As far as husband material goes they have nothing whatsoever to offer.  There is no love or family life.  The men are just lazy opportunist. They look for money, they dream of not having to work something which most of them already do.  They just want foreign money to buy material things, drugs and alcohol. 

Example of some approaches from men

One man said to me if you are good to me I will be good to you….. This is a no brainer you know that you’re being good means giving them money.

Another man wanted to have a relationship with me.  I asked why aren’t you married he said not enough money.  Again you know they are looking for money, I am the wrong person for this.  I said and when you have enough money to marry, you will marry one of your own women.  He said but we only have children with our wives we do not love our wives.  Well, this spoke heaps to me and I walked off.

I was told by an older tour guide the reason why Egyptian men go after Western Women is they believe having sex with a Western Woman is like having sex with a porn star.  Gee there must be a lot of disappointments. 

One young man asked me if I could bring him a woman from the UK I said to him we do not do things like that in our country.  Then I found out he was getting married two days later.  No respect or love at all for each other.

If you chat to an Egyptian man just to have a conversation you are opening yourself up to them thinking you would like to marry them. 

Pet peeve, being asked if I am Russian, please excuse this next comment as I have good Russian connections.  Due to the Red Sea Resorts having a lot of Russian and Egyptian prostitutes working there the Egyptian men think or hope the foreign woman is Russian.  I was recently asked if I was Russian. If I was not feeling so under the weather health wise I would have wiped the floor with him. It was obvious by his body language he was a dog looking for a bitch.  I was furious with him and the owner of the souq shop came across as he could sense there was trouble brewing.  I was pleased to be served by the owner a man I have known many years and turned to the other stating he was a pig. 

I used to have proposals nearly every time I went out it drove me mad. Until I worked out how to stop them and that was to push back onto the men insisting they provided a large car, large house, gold lots of it and money for me to spend as I am not cheap I like expensive things. This is what an Egyptian woman would expect from her future husband. This definitely shut them men up.

The other way to deter them was telling them I could only marry men from my own tribe, this kind of dumbfounded them, but none the less kept them at bay.

Relationships in Egypt

Having men friends is very difficult and you cannot invite them into your home for a chat or dinner without the neighbours calling the police on you.  Seriously, you could end up in prison people insinuating that you are having sex outside marriage. This is why the men are so insistent on getting married.  My friend and I always meet in a café. This is respect.

Warning about marriage

Foreign women must beware when considering marriage with an Egyptian.  The “I can have four wives” is a big problem if you are not prepared to accept this.  All too often a foreign woman will marry and Egyptian and setup home only to find her husband has been pressured into taking a second wife or perhaps already has a first wife, some do not tell they keep it a secret or say they divorced the other wives for the foreign woman. The foreign wife can find herself out on the street with the Egyptian wife taking the home and its contents paid for by the foreign wife.  No shame.  No legal rights for the foreigner either.  Lawyers make noises and take fees only to do nothing I have seen this with women here.  Good reason why I would not marry an Egyptian regardless of religion. 

Luxor is a den of inequity. If an Egyptian man invites a foreign woman to go to Luxor they are looking to have sex away from the family with the foreign woman paying for the accommodation, travel, food etc. Luxor is renowned for womanising, drugs, alcohol and evil magic. Egyptian men spend a lot of money in Luxor. Do not scoff at evil magic because many foreign women have found themselves bound by magic to love an Egyptian and handover their money and do their bidding.

Egyptians go to Luxor to buy Evil Magic to harm others it is a very common practice.

Beware of men drugging foreign women, having sex with them and taking their money. I know of men who do this and believe it or not their foreign wives approve because they need “MONEY”.

Disgusting Habit

This is extremely repulsive I was made aware of this on a cruise tour on the Nile by some of the women who were laughing uncontrollably at a group of men in galabayas/kaftan. One the men was playing with himself. I now call this Camel Crotch the Egyptian men you will see them unashamedly scratching their privates, playing with themselves and older ones walk along holding themselves I suppose in fear of forgetting what it is, what is for and where it is.

Some time back I had a taxi driver take me to the souq in Aswan only once because he played with himself all the way there and on the return journey. I was embarrassed I did not know where to look I could not speak to him as I was feeling offended and repulsed by him.

These people criticise westerns for their dress and behaviour when they really need to take a long look in the mirror at their own revolting and offensive behaviour.

A Positive Note

Apart from all these criticism about the men. I must admit many of the men in Aswan treat me with respect. I have earned their respect and they know I will not tolerate nonsense.

I find many of the men to be kind and considerate and if you have a problem I would approach a man and definitely not a woman. As the women would relish in your problem and make it worse.

The Local Drivers in the village majority of them are kind to me. I cannot climb up into the back of the vehicle for various health problems and they welcome me to sit in the front of the car with them. As soon as they see me get off the motorboat they are there taking all my shopping and helping me into the car. I cannot ask for more and they are not opportunists either. The young motorboat drivers will run upstairs at the dock to take my shopping and help me onto the boat much to the disgust of the women. I am always grateful to them I expect nothing but they give their kindness in response to my kindness.


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