Pronounce it right

When I saw this on Spirit of Old on Facebook I thought it hilarious in actual fact it could be true. Easily done.

This takes me back to when I was reading some Chinese philosophy in which the writer progressed to summons a Chinese Spirit.

All my alarm bells went off and why?

  1. I do not speak Chinese and the names were in Chinese
  2. I did not know if the Spirit was good or evil, I presumed it was good
  3. It is important to pronounce the words correctly
  4. I decided to leave well alone and not proceed.

Why is it important to pronounce the words correctly as in the photograph above you think you are asking for a chair but in actual fact you are summonsing an ancient spirit possibly a demon. Something you would not want to deal with and difficult to get rid of.

When doing spiritual work with spirits it is important to pronounce the words correctly guessing is not the smart way to go.

I also knew a couple who were learning the Kabalah/Cabalah from a book and they could not be told it was the wrong way to do things.

Take care in how you work and they ways you use.

© October 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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