This would be my perfect place

I have to have silence, no noise. Bliss!

I must be able to use all my senses to feel and hear God and the Divine.

If I cannot do this I am not living.

Quiet people have a voice too.

Loud and noise for me is intolerable. Many people do not realise how their voice interferes with others when they are out. Only their existence is allowed their noise is destructive.

Mobile Noise

I have to have quiet. I turn off all notifications on my mobile phone I do not wish to know. I have mind enough to go check things when the time is right. I do not require living in a ping pong or ding dong environment.

Loud is weak and bullish

I tend to switch off my listening when people are too loud. I can hear very well and I do not wish to be over powered by someone’s senseless noise to gain people’s attention. Talking loudly over my current conversation is rude and ignorant. Quietly wait your turn.

Silent Prayer

Silent prayer is my favourite, especially sat in nature it holds much power and strong connection with God or the Divine. I feel the quietude deeply as the presence of God can be overwhelming HIS Love and HIS words I can feel and hear strongly.

I Prayer in Silence in my home as this is how Jesus Christ/Yeshua taught us how to pray in private within our homes. Prayer is a personal communion between God/Divine and myself not blasting it to the rest of the world.

Being quiet reduces the noise scarring projected by society. Noise pollution is on the increase. Help reduce it by being quiet.

Β© October 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


21 thoughts on “Quietude

  1. DulcyπŸ’• says:

    I too feel irritated with noise when I want to concentrate and enjoy the nature sometimes. Silent prayer are the direct connections with the god, very nice post πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’•


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