Life on funny Farm My Story

Living in Egypt Abuse is the Norm

I have been living in Egypt for over eight years now and I have spent the past six years trying to leave. I love the place I chose to build a Spiritual Retreat fresh, clean BUT the Egyptian people make it impossible to create a good environment. If I had been married, life would have been different for me.

Why wanting to leave?

I am a single woman that is unmarried and the people have a hard time accepting this especially the women.  The Egyptian women look at all foreign women as prostitutes and call us this directly into our faces including they blatantly sit there cursing me as in evil cursing in my face.  I looked up all the derogatory words for a woman on the internet to find out the meaning in Arabic as nobody would tell me what they were calling me. I could feel the energy. They tell me they hate me and all foreign women.  This is true and I tell them but you want our money, steal our things, damage our things and harm us. Good manners are obsolete push past, shove, and walk over. Ladylike does not exist.

In fact the Egyptian women do not know how to behave at all and most Egyptian men are afraid of them.  The women are not disciplined in anyway.  I have had women pick on me as I travel to and from Aswan and nobody steps in to stop the nastiness. 

Just, when you think these women have scraped the barrel you will be surprised about how low they can go.  They are relentless with their attacks both verbal and physical.

Physical Attacks?

The women get their children to do their dirty work most of them.  When you complain they will say they are just children. Women teach and encourage their children to harm.

I have had stones, sticks, and sand thrown at me.  My hair and clothes pulled.  Clothes lifted up and my laptop case ragged about whilst waiting for transport.  These are not one off incidents but many.  These people have no understanding of other cultures or lifestyles. 

I used to do self-empowering affirmations as I walked from my property to the local transport stop. It was the only way I could manage to leave my home. Did the affirmations work? Thank goodness they did! Many times I was feeling very ill so I had to put the effort in. One thing when you are dealing with evil you cannot let them see you are weak or weakening. You have to maintain a strong demeanor at all times. I learned to be resilient with these creatures.

The women believe they are superior to us and treat us in this manner. The Egyptian women refuse to sit near me or even shake my hand.  This suits me fine as I do not want to be near them or touch them either.  I do not like them to touch my food or drinks.  I have been poisoned/cursed so many times I have lost count.  Though men will taint your food, remember Egyptians are cheap. Money is all they are interested in.

One evening when I was walking too fast I bumped into a woman and I turned to apologise I hardly had touched her, when she turned around and punched me between my breast with her elbow.  Walked off laughing with her friends saying “sorry, sorry” I was in so much pain for about a week before the pain lessened.

High School Girls attacked me by pulling my hair this happened a few times in the Souq until I challenged them telling them how ugly and bad they were. I told them to go look in the mirror as they believed they were beautiful. All Egyptian women think they are beautiful not one has an inferiority complex they are like clones. Remember they are all or nothing in their behaviour.

In the shopping Mall is where many women go to solicit men they walk round and round the floors looking for men.  I was seriously pushed by a group of girls who were out on the pick-up.  I was trying to leave the mall with a friend. Nobody said anything. Women’s brutality is just accepted. They are the same with each other.

Women are the biggest problem as they ruin anything good. 

The second floor of the mall has a small food outlet after 6:30 pm it is full of girls and women soliciting men.  A third floor opened up with small restaurant and ice cream parlor I went with a friend to have ice cream until he told me in the evenings it is full of women on the pick-up and the hotel rooms above are used for prostitution.  I said to him this is a brothel and I do not think I/we should come here again.

Can you imagine MacDonald’s a children’s café serving children’s meals being full of soliciting women and nobody telling them to get out.  Why? Because the female staff also solicit men in MacDonald’s also nobody tells Egyptian women what to do.

I find the women’s behaviour repulsive they ruin any descent café or restaurant to go to with their bad behaviour.  They have no shame. I go with my friend to have a meal or a nice drink and a chat to find we are converged on by soliciting women.  They have no respect for anyone else except their need to be noticed and take-over your situation.

There are cafes for men only and some foreigners can sit there. I will sit and have a drink in these places scorned at by the women. I asked why women did not sit in the cafes, a friend told me because the women do not know how to behave. This I clearly understood.

Traveling on the motorboat from Gharb Aswan (Nubian Village) to Aswan an old lady sat immediately behind me on the center bench it would not have mattered so much if she sat down but she slammed as hard as she could into my back.  I shouted at old woman and all the other women, yes, you know it, they said but she is an old lady, I said really then she should act like one.  I ended up having a huge argument with a woman who could speak English.  If I had not retaliated which is my usual way it would have opened up even more attacks on me. The women are like creatures and behave as such.

As far as us foreigners being prostitutes these females outweigh us on every level.  The women are soliciting men in groups everywhere.  All they are interested in is money, sex and men. As an energy worker their energy is foul.  The groups of women or a woman make me feel ill to be near them. When they see foreign women they sneer and laugh mockingly at us. They are relentless.

Through many hard lessons I now refuse to have any food or drink touched by Egyptian women. I had dysentery for three months after eating at a “friend’s home”.

As I said earlier I have been poisoned at cafes, restaurants, yes MacDonalds can you believe it. One female staff was working when I called in to have breakfast. NOTE some poisons are like salt. I was feeling fine and after breakfast I continued my morning by walking five minutes into the Souq to do shopping and oh my stomach felt like it was going to erupt, I began to feel hot and cold. I found it difficult to think or where to go. I felt if I tried to pull myself together I would be all right. Oh No, I went to a shop I knew well sat down and cried they found me a place to go to the toilet, I just made it.

Note very few places to go to the toilet. Even less now as we foreigners could go to the hotels and ask. Since Corona this is no longer an option.

What on earth did that MacDonald’s staff put in my food. I do not eat or drink anything there again. I take my own and blatantly sit there at their river side tables and eat. Many tourist become ill after eating at MacDonalds, I wonder why?

I had sulphur poisoning from one restaurant I went to every week when I first started living in Aswan. I could not leave my apartment I was so sick. I did not think being poisoned would become a regular thing.

I will write about food hygiene in another post.

How could I forget, them treating me like a leper when the Corona Virus hit. Women taught their children I had the Corona Virus and was dirty.

Rubbish is strewn everywhere

My house rule is I do not allow Egyptian women into my home. Egyptian women are renowned for evil magic and cursing. By not allowing them into your home does not stop them as they send children in over the walls they are like monkeys to do their evil bidding so beware.

This is really a life on Funny Farm.


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