Dream Invasion – 2

I wrote about Dream Invasion sometime ago and how to deal with them.

Dream Invasion can be called nightmares where you feel you are or someone you care about is in danger. It is important to deal with the dream.

You can do this by letting your spirit walking into the dream and taking over the scene. That is right change what is happening especially at the end. I did this recently I was having an awful dream and I took control of the ending and changed it into a positive one for me and mine.

Many years ago I used to get repetitive Dreams Invasions where someone was trying to give me an evil spiritual pearl. They were trying to put it in my mouth, my soul and guardians were trying to wake me up to stop the dream but could not I was to deep into the dream. I heard my guardian say spit out the pearl do not swallow it. So I did, I could manage to do this.

Again the Dream Invasion came they tried once more to put the pearl in my mouth my guardian said come on fight back, I held the pearl in my mouth and my spirit slowly emerged I grabbed the being who was doing this to me and punched them so their mouth opened and I spat the pearl into their mouth. Then whacked them on a certain part of the body to make the being swallow the pearl.

Every time this Dream Invasion came I could not see who the person was except the hands and in particular the nails. It was a woman and she used the above colour of nail polish.

I decided to put an end to the Dream Invasion the next one they brought a drink and tried to pour it into my mouth. It was easier to step into my Spirit Body to fight this time I grabbed the woman still could not see her properly forcing her mouth open and spat the liquid in her mouth once again belted her to make her swallow it. This was the end of the Dream Invasion. It was a very toxic mix and affected her.

I asked my guardians who the woman was as I did not know anyone who would want to harm me. The next day I went on Twitter and I opened up a woman I deemed as a friend profile and found a photograph of her nails she recently manicured. I was shocked. The impression she gave was not who she really was in truth. I immediately blocked her. Took further action to stop the Dream Invasion.

In fact I soon gave up on Twitter as it really is a big can of worms.

Social Media can be a risky forum and everyone has to take care.

I have found WordPress has a better following than the other Social Medias.

If you find you are locked into repetitive dreams, bad ones, nightmares take control of it after all it is your dream and you can change anything in it. Some evil person has created an illusion to frighten you. Scare them back by reversing it on to them or change the ending to be a good one.

Hoodoo Dream Invasion Love Spells

The type of person who is into Dream Invasion is evil they filled with jealousy and hatred. Some use this form of magic to get a husband or wife. This kind of magic is going against a person’s free will and it is against Universal Laws and those involved will be punished.

© October 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


17 thoughts on “Dream Invasion – 2

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    I found this post about dream invasion fascinating! I have at times, been able to change a bad dream into good, but I need to be lucid.Mostly, with nightmares (which I have few now) I just can pull myself out of it and wake up, by pushing upwards in my mind, as if I am at the bottom of a swimming pool, push up until I reach the surface..when that happens, I wake up and the dream has been avoided. Thank you for sharing this experience and yes, I agree with you, WordPress has a much more serious following than other social media..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vincent Ehindero says:

    Wow! Finally. Someone who really believes in dream invasion and the evil that can be caused through it.

    Satanic attacks and demonic vices.

    Wthen ever I have dream invasion, I always try my best to reverse it. Or better still, I will pray seriously before I sleep, so that the dream invaders wouldn’t come near me in the first place.

    I really love this. So there’s a person that wouldn’t think I’m “mad” when I tell them that there are some people who are evil and will want to cause problems in the dream.

    I really love this.

    Very true.

    Liked by 1 person

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