Property For Sale By Owner

This is my property for sale in a quiet and isolated area 15 minutes from Aswan. It is well positioned with the best village views of the Nile. This property is ideal for commercial development it has so much potential to be extended further.

I have been doing some changes to the exterior of the property the main gates have been strengthened and repainted to look more classical. The metal sheeting on the front wall is being removed and replaced with engraved wooden paneling. This work is being done now and I will add new photographs when completed.

Checkout details on the website link below.

The Egyptian Government is doing major redevelopments in Aswan and surrounding areas. This is a good opportunity to make an investment for the future. Whoever buys this property they will be in at the start of the developments.

All enquiries to be sent via my contact or the contact us page on my property website.

I have a Property Manager who will be handling all legal work. He is fluent in English and Arabic.


10 thoughts on “Property For Sale By Owner

  1. ivor20 says:

    Thank you for the lovely videos. I enjoy the visual tour of the wonderful Aswan area, and privilege of stepping inside your home… I wish the best of good fortune for your proposed sale…

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