Koala Day Today

Koala Bear

In summer time for us meant a visit to Philip Island to see the Faerie Penguins and Koalas.

It was a special event in summer. As you approach Philips Island you pass through a town called Cowes the road was lined with the Eucalyptus trees Koalas love. One supplement to the koala’s usual diet seems to be dirt. Koalas also eat the flowers, buds, stems and bark of eucalypts, allocasuarinas (she-oak), corymbias (flowering gum) and melaleucas (Tea Tree).

So fascinating to see them in their natural habitat. The Koalas are needing a protected habitat to live in the government believe it is the predator animals that are to blame for the decrease in numbers. I agree there has been an overwhelming introduction of feral animals brought in from Europe.

One of the most offensive destroyers are the International Companies coming to mine and bulldoze sacred lands and habitats of the natural wild life of Australia in the name of progress and money. They should not have been allowed to do so as the ores mined are taken back to the foreign lands. I think they should go dig up their own country first before wreaking havoc somewhere else.

If you are able do try to help with the conservation of wild life in Australia or if not then look to help the wild life in your own country.

I was fortunate at the age of eleven of being able to hold one of these beauties a female as they are less aggressive than the males. This was a dream come true for me. A memory which sits firmly in my soul.

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26 thoughts on “Koala Day Today

  1. Vincent Ehindero says:

    Koalas! 🐨

    I always see them in videos, but I’ve never had a close encounter with one.

    It would be really fun to hold one of them.

    It’s really sad to hear of the dangers around them. I really hope something is done.

    Also, I didn’t know you live in Australia 😃so great to know!

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