Flame of Love

Flame of Love

Many are reminiscing the past Olympic Games which brought so many together under one flame. The one flame which originated from Olympia.

We should be looking to the Great Flame the only Flame who can save us. We must shine our part of this Great Flame to the rest of the world. Shine out so bright so those who are in despair can see us our Light which has been given to us by Our Heavenly Father the Greatest Flame there is. Shine so all those who seek can find us and join us at soul level.

Radiate the Flame, the Light within which was given so freely, purely manifested from love.

As we shine our Flames we take our part in burning the evil which is trying to engulf us all.


The Madonna Who Weeps

You must heal yourself and let the Madonna Who Weeps help you shed your tears of pain and trauma. Release them as you will be cradled in pure Soul Love.

© September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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