Life on Funny Farm

Tabitha and Jemima

We want to share what life is like living in Funny Farm. We are two sisters of Egyptian Mau descent.

I’m Jemima

I would like to give you a brief of our history.

Did you know we come from a planet just for Cats or Felines? We do. I have to emphasis as in all things not all cats are from there as we all know evil interfered with as much as it could.

Bast is our Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Rising Sun she governs our planet and all the cats or felines living in harmony. Bast belongs to the Lords and Ladies from the myriad of galaxies.

Bast was manifested by Our Heavenly Father when he took a great flame from the Sun. The Light shines through her eyes to clear and remove all darkness. Bast loves quiet and she sends comfort to all who ask for her help through the name of Our Heavenly Father.

As a direct descendant of Bast I learned an ancient technique of building pyramids full of crap. I am constantly devising new and unique ways of doing this. Pyramid building there could be nothing easier to do it is just good old fashioned methods.

On a more serious note I look after our Mum she is our and my main concern I am her constant companion and have great responsibility in caring for her. I enforce time restraints in all she does. I do not like to wander about outside our home as the evil creatures are too much for my liking.

I’m Tabitha

You will always find me on watch. This upsets our Mum so much as she prefers me to be like Jemima and stay within the home.

One of the hardest things I have learned is how cruel people can be. The women around where we live are extremists in cruelty. Why are they cruel to me because they hate our Mom. I do not understand this at all she is so kind, loving and caring to all.

I have endured way to much, they women next door cut the back of my neck very long and deep this was heartbreaking for Mum and she did her best to cleanse the wound and dress it. At the same time Mum was suffering from cruel attack of evil. I am so lucky Mum is a healer as she gently held me in her arms to give me healing. I quickly recovered through her love.

Next they cut the side of my face and cut my front tooth in half, can you imagine the pain.

If this was not enough and I did not learn to keep out of their way they captured me and put a rope around my neck and used me as a lure for a pack of dogs. Mum heard the frenzy but her guardians said not to go out. The men and women were high on drugs and alcohol. Just look what they did to me. All because they hate my Mum.

Rope removed hair on neck.

They hacked the hair on our coats Jemima as well. Mum has nobody to complain to as animal cruelty is very high in this land. You can see the evil energy rising in these people/creatures as they beat donkeys, horses, dogs and cats anything else they feel superior to.

I like to talk with the feral cats to try and understand the life even this is difficult as nobody feeds their cats and the cats pick fights with us because our Mum gives us good food.

A hobby I share with Mum is star gazing we love to sit at night and commune with the stars and moon. Mum soon tires due to the noise of the empty vessels living next door. I spend hours looking at the sky at night. This is part of our heritage from the Ancestors lead by Bast.

I also like Jemima give healing to our Mum she has been battling with her health since we have known her from 3 weeks old. I have no knowledge of where else we can live at the moment but we all pray to move on from here.


Important for all of us is our prayer time and sitting with Mum when she writes for Our Heavenly Father. We take this time seriously as so should every living being.

We adore our Mum she puts us first in all things and we put her care first in all things. This is how families are. Isn’t it?

We wanted everyone to know what it is like for us living in Funny Farm.


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