Learning to Accept

Many years ago I was taught to accept what has been.

I did not like many things in my life some were my own creation and others maliciousness.

Once I could see the truth in the issues I clung to for dear life and would not let go. The negativity was just eating away at my whole being. I noticed the thoughts to strong trauma become cyclical and continually wrapped round in my mind.

Without realising becoming obsessed with past hurts is very damaging. I learned to face the truth of what happened and let it go.

Once I let go of the trauma and pain I began to balance my spiritual and physical bodies.

I now recognise repetitive or obsessive thoughts when they come and refuse to accept them.

I change the Obsessive Thought to become Indifferent and Disinterest. Thus the negative thought is released and replaced with a calmer and more peaceful mind set.

© September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


12 thoughts on “Learning to Accept

  1. Jane Tawel says:

    I have struggled mightily with negativity and letting negative thoughts eat away at me. I still do. I think people who love and respect Truth, often struggle with negativity in this world. I wish I could better understand what it means to have a “different world, a Kingdom of God,” in the here and now, with me, part of me, that would help me see Truth but reject negative thoughts and feelings. Not sure I have an insight on this, other than I guess I’m back at what you so well recommend in this post — accept. release. I am trying to open up space for positivity. Thanks for this post. Some of us need it. Peace, Jane

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  2. Karima Hoisan says:

    I agree with you Nanette, to find acceptance is so important to find peace. If we can begin to accept our histories our traumas and other mistakes, we can shut off that mad radio stream that can,in any minute, start playing, past grievances repetitive hurts and pain and obsessions, and take control instead of being victims of things we can only accept , not change. You brought up a very important lesson for us all…

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