Inner Thoughts and Feelings 3

Photo from Google Free Images

People’s thinking and understanding is confusing. It is natural for me to analyse everything and question within myself to understand if only it is to gain my own truth.

How can anyone call all the people on our beautiful Earth Human?

The atrocities being carried out against the humans and life on our planet is immense.

I clearly see a different type of being emerging I refer to them as creatures they are not human and have only selfish base needs to be satisfied. When they speak they are like empty vessels just a noise.

If you open your eyes and thinking you will notice them crawling everywhere they take the Earth form which makes it confusing but their behaviour has no resemblance to any human being.

A favourite quote of mine from Star Trek
“It is life but not as we know it.”

Have you noticed these people?

Tell me about what you have seen?

© September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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