Self-healing Journey

Step by step working

I have been self-healing for many years now working through what God wants me to learn and clear. It is easy in one way but in others it is very difficult and painful to say the least.

There are specific phases or stages you have to complete before starting the next set of healing procedures and it is a set of procedure.

I used to believe if I had completed A properly then it was finished no. Healing is like refining a precious stone removing the rough and then polishing it until it gleams.

I now have a full routine to do from start to finish. The finish is the hardest and most painful to do and I am very lucky I have some incredible healers to call on to help me with the healing when the pain becomes too intense which is what I have been going through these past few weeks to the point of hardly being able to walk and nobody to help me here, as they do not.

I stocked up with enough food and then started as guided by Our Heavenly Father on what to do. I approached each problem separately, important that you separate out the causes and get to know the facts which is how I did it. I had to follow a specific diet as guided by my soul and guardians. I do not always enjoy the meal but it is the food I must eat to help heal spiritual and physical damage.

I cleared out lots especially one friend in the USA and I spent three hours in the wee hours of the morning working on removing old psychic attacks and the demons connected to them. I believed after such intensive healing that it was finally done. No, urgh. Everything calmed down I spent a couple of days in healing sleep. Allowing your body to sleep after doing healing is a must. All levels of your being has to heal, refresh and rebuild again. It is not just puff it is all over.

Then you have to deal with what is left. Peeling layer after layer off your being that has been harmed either by yourself or others is a must. Detox that is a physical and spiritual cleanse has to be done. I chose to do this in a big way without realising and it turned out to be very painful my entire body released all toxins from evil. I had to follow step by step instructions no eating or drinking this was hard when I felt I should freshen up. Only to find I brought back the smallest sip. The physical and spiritual required adjusting. The pain was so intense. I clambered to my laptop and found a couple of friends one in New Zealand and again in USA.

“I sent the message out please send me healing.”

Within minutes the healing was flowing from both of them different types of healing was sent eventually the pain subsided I could sleep. I was so grateful for their distant healing and prayers. Slowly I am working on diet and healing sleep. As my body was still expelling the food I ate. Gently and slowly does it. I could hardly eat my digestive system was so tender. Soups were the best for me nutritious easy to digest.

Your probably thinking I should not have done the detox or do an intensive detox. I just follow orders from the Divine. What my body was storing was poison from evil magic, many of you have it from the venom of people who are jealous or hate you. The venom makes you ill in different forms. Migraines, IBS, Cancer, depression, anxiety, apathy, spiritual blocks, life blocks and many illnesses in your body too many to list. Negativity plays a large part in our lives. You have to be aware there are those who worship evil, who are out looking for us to bring us down. You will not even know them. I found this as I uncovered part of the pain I was carrying. The pain in my Cecum was extreme because a few evil practitioners had been doing evil magic on it. Thanks to friends and my guardians it has been healed and the pain has gone.

As you can see my digestive system or abdomen was tender from being hard hit by evil practitioners. This is the main area they attack it is the easiest and quickest way to bring a person down health and physically. You can be fine one day and the next start with ME like I did.

I have always refused to accept any illness as a child I was extremely healthy and being sick was unacceptable. I have worked on the cause and found a natural form healing it.

I have not felt like writing anything and still do not. Working on bringing closure to all of this as you cannot skimp on anything especially your time invested in healing sleep.

What are your thoughts?

Have you undergone intensive self-healing?

Are you wanting to self-heal?

© September 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Self-healing Journey

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    I have never done this myself, a detox, in this way, although I do believe there are people with envy and jealousy that can affect your spirit, and your mind and body. As I am muslim. I pray and there are special prayers for those situations. I want to thank you, however for sharing your process, your pain and your path for returning your health and stability. I always wish you the best with healing energies surrounding you and thank you Nanette for being so open about your trials and your ways of dealing with them, and taking the time to share them with us all. I wish you days ahead of peace with much energy to move forward. Salaam

    Liked by 2 people

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