Redemption goes much deeper than asking for forgiveness it is the acceptance of the wrongs you have done and declare them to Our Heavenly Father through Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It is an opportunity to restart your life afresh without the baggage you have created or inherited from past generations.

In the Name of Our Heavenly Father, Light of All Lights, Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Holy Archangel Mikhail, Holy Archangel Azrael, Holy Archangel Raphael

I NOW ask you all to hear my plea as I ask for mercy and forgiveness.  I open myself to be redeemed for all the harmful or wrongful acts I have committed.

I NOW list the wrongful acts I know I have done: (Speak out what you know you have done wrong)

I NOW ask to be redeemed for the entire wrongful acts I committed without intent or knowledge and unaware.

I NOW asked to be redeemed for all the sins of past generations connected to me by blood.

I ask to be redeemed of the following from past generations until all is pure and cleansed and I no longer have connection to them nor can I be influenced by their energy, DNA, and spiritual seeds:

Incest, adultery, fornication, hatred, Babylonian Ways, Psychic Vampirism, Satanism, Children of Baphomet, Practice Bad Magic , demon worship, thieving, creating pacts with evil, idolatry, greed, lust, racism, destructive behavior, revengeful, betrayers, sexual abuse, verbal abuse,  immoral acts, multiple spouses, extra marital relationships, war mongering, rape, torture and cruelty to people, animals and environment. Sexual abuse and trafficking of children, slaves, and animals.  Slavery. Alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs.  All transgressions of the ways of the Lord.

I NOW no longer carry the burden from past generations, I am no longer responsible for their karma, for what wrongs or evil they did are their’s alone.  As it is evil’s desire for each new generation to continue the burden of the sins of the past.

More commonly known as:  “Sins of the Fathers”.

It is the responsibility of those in my past generations to clear their wrongs or evil in their NOW wherever they may be.

I ask in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus to have all evil, demons, darkness, connections, links and energies to be cast out from me and transmute them into nothingness.  It is impossible for any reconnection to occur all is permanently sealed and closed.

I ask Holy Archangel Raphael to cleanse, heal and fill me with joy.  To repair any damage done to my life and seal my aura securely so none can harm me again.

I AM NOW grateful for being redeemed for my own wrongs and past generation’s wrongs.

This is done in the Name of Yeshua, from the beginning of time and forever more.

So it is manifested.

redeemed 1

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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