Whales are magnificent are they not. I am fascinated by them as they are guardians of our planet Earth. They hold much wisdom far more than we will ever know.

Where did the Whales originate from. A watery planet in a far off galaxy, they were brought here eons ago when Earth was first created to protect the Oceans and Seas.

They often have a very mournful cry which is sent back to their ancestorial home far away. They must be really sad having to endure life with the people who inhabit the planet also.

We get scientists stating they do not understand why so many Whales are dying, well that is a no-brainer isn’t it.

Photo Courtesy of 4 Ocean 10 million pounds of plastic has been cleaned-up from the Oceans

Just look at this disgraceful mess. You may have disposed of your rubbish correctly but our governments have lied for too long about the dumping of it in the seas and oceans. Can you explain why so much of it is clogging up the Oceans and seas? It is endless and now the masks everyone is donning now is tangling up the ocean life.

Then their scientists do not understand why Whales and other sea life are dying. Rather obvious isn’t it. Could you live in such conditions in your home? I certainly could not.

All life is sacred and the Whales are very sacred beings on our Earth they hold many secrets of creation, how life should be balanced and maintained.

We will have to look at how to dispose of our rubbish more effectively. Thank goodness teams like 4 Ocean devote their time to cleaning up our mess.

Mother Earth and All who live on Earth need your respect and love.

Make a point of thinking before you throw away or dump it.

Remember you are Loved and you must expand this love out to all.

© 19-08-2020 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved


12 thoughts on “Whales

  1. michnavs says:

    oh, as you have read in my blog i was just talking about the effects of the massive use of plastics to our oceans and its inhabitants. i am so glad to read this here, as i know i am not the only one fearing for our oceans.

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  2. Karima Hoisan says:

    They are majestic noble creatures..and yet in some places they are still hunted!:( Living in Costa Rica, we have the privilege of seeing them as they migrant south. I too love them and their sound so plaintiff and moving..

    Liked by 1 person

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