Life As A Natural Healer

Pure Healing

I am a Natural Healer and have experienced much hardship and heartache.

My reason for turning the use of Natural Medicine and Therapies are due to my family being failed by the Medical Profession and Pharmacies. This is my choice and I refuse to enforce my lifestyle on to anyone.

I respect other’s choices as it is just that a choice.

I do like to make informed decisions through analysis of the current situations being at the forefront of social media. I do not criticise anyone’s choice it is called respect.

I recently found that I have been attacked by those who oppose my right to choose. This is so wrong these people were so vehement in their attitudes toward me and unjustified. I can see clearly that these people (two women) are just afraid of death and have to look to other people or sources for their life or being and anyone who is different is a challenge to their status quo.

I have complete faith in Our Heavenly Father who is Lord over life and death. I look no further than HIM.

People die because it is deemed so. Nothing can save anyone from this. Though Doctors and Scientist who play god try to give the impressions they are capable of saving people from death, they wish.

As it is my right I boost my immune system naturally, I have a very sensitive digestive system as I have cleansed and detoxed myself according to the Lord’s ways. I have allergies when using chemicals this includes drugs.

Prescribed drugs are drugs but they are not looked upon as detrimental. They should be.

All Natural Healers know that the pharmaceutical drugs create blocks or move health issues to another point in the body. All to often they harm the person and forces them become seriously ill in another way.

I allow you with respect to have your choices and give me the same respect in allowing me to have my choices.

Blessing to all.

© 23-07-2020 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved


9 thoughts on “Life As A Natural Healer

  1. Sam "Goldie" Kirk says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are faced with such criticism. I can only hope that it comes from a place of goodness and care. Some people just don’t know how to show it properly.
    We have been given free will for a reason.


  2. ivor20 says:

    Well said Nanette…and we are all free to make our own choice in life…. I follow your blog, and I freely soak in the information and advice that you freely give… I do not use all of your free thoughts,.. but that is my free choice…. Obviously some others, don’t think they are free in their own world… and that’s sad for them !!

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  3. kinge says:

    Sorry about the criticism. True, everyone is free to make choices and live by them. Problem comes when people judge from their perspective not considering the others’ perspective and perspective vary wildly subject to many things such as informed knowledge to attitudes.

    I agree, the body is the best chemical factory there is and can do better work than prescriptions only that we strsin and push it too far often not realising it. We then limit it’s capabilities and potentials running for quick fixes with later repercussions.

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