How are you all doing?

Enough of it

For quite sometime now I just feel like nothing motivated me to write or do much. Seeing too much conflicting social media is driving me pots. There is so much in your lives which you have to tend to and work on. This nonsense is just getting in the way.

Do you spend time working on yourself, “Self-healing”?

I have spent years “self-healing” learning the truth about myself and others I have interacted with over the years.


Daunting isn’t.

Heartbreaking too revisiting issues and life events the traumatic ones. Too many of them. Facing the cold hard truth of life.

Mountain Strong

It is strengthening and build courage especially when you revisit trauma but you know what I always feel better once I faced the truth looking at it from both sides and not just my view.

I have read on WordPress so many extremely sad stories about people’s lives. Too many of us have been made to endure without being given much hope. This calls for faith and the power of prayer.

Sometimes it is all I have had my faith and prayer. I have been stripped of everything I held dear in my life, I was to taught where the real value was. Prayer after prayer all day long, seeking God’s Mercy and begging for a change and asked daily how to approach the day.

What else did I have to do to change this stalemate my own lockdown?

I followed to the letter everything I was told to do. I could hardly breathe I could not ask for help as I knew this was something I had to face alone.

You know what the endurance test was not so difficult after all just let go and “Let God” Our Heavenly Father care for me just like the birds I adore. Every day I was made to look at the immediate past.

The same question came forward where is the difficulty why are you struggling?

I would smile to myself I managed to survive it all every day each daily challenge.

I now fully understand what it is like to be without, nowhere to turn and to live by the Grace of God. Thank goodness for one friend here who made sure I always had just enough food.

As you know or if you do not I follow no religion but adhere to God’s words daily I used to allow others to puts their five cents in to obscure my path. NO MORE.

Now I keep my adventure close to chest playing my own cards out when possible. Other’s can make their plans or envision me doing or living somewhere. If this information is not available to me as yet then why are you so privy to my life and life’s journey.

Please everyone apply this to yourself too. Those who tell you what and where you are going are only surmising too.

Did you know it only takes one thought, that is right ONE THOUGHT to change direction, to make a change, your path be it flowing or rough and hard going.

This is why it is so important to connect to your soul so you learn about you and what is right for you. You hold all your cards so your Soul in conjunction with the Divine will guide you along. Perhaps friends and family will not like it, but too bad it is not their life, mission or path.

Working with your Soul is self-empowering.

Thanks to the natural flows of life I am in a secure place again but feel so blessed to have experienced it. I can really say I do understand their plight as I have been there, one of them.

© 23-07-2020 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

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