The Walk-In


Do you know what a Walk-In is? I have known for many years but really did not give it much thought until a few weeks ago.

A Walk-In Spirit/Being/Soul comes about when the Soul in a physical body can no longer cope with the life and environment they have been placed in. You may read stories about a Walk-In from the Walk-In’s view as opposed the one who walked out. The stories seem strange and a fantasy,

As I said a few weeks ago now I was reviewing issues in my life and one of them is my son and I became estranged so much so we can no longer find firm ground to reconcile. I had many long conversations with my guardian about this, naturally as a mother I am deeply hurt over what had gone on. Over the years I kept being told to forget him and get on with my own life. There was always the cord or a link which kept pulling on my soul to hopefully put things right again.

Then the dream.

I had the clearest of all dreams I saw my son at the age of about 3 or 4 years old he was dancing in the lounge and wearing his favourite trousers and matching jumper. I could see him clearly enjoying the music. The scene changed he said to me he had to catch the bus, and I knew deep inside me he was going back to spirit. (Getting on the bus signifies this to me) My son was trying to put on his yellow raincoat which I kept for emergencies in the car, but oddly enough his coat was blue and mine was yellow plastic macs.

There was a black box on the back of the coat and it kept pulling him over backwards. I knelt down and pulled the box off and helped him to button up the coat, put his mits on and pulled the hood up over his head as he did not want to get wet going to the bus.

This was unthinkable at 3 to 4 years old to walk off and get on a bus. Without further a do he was walking away and getting on the bus.

My son at such a young age had chosen to return to the spirit realms.

My guardian spoke to me to explain Why? My son at such a young age had clear vision which meant he could see the spirit dimensions and earth like one, he was also an empath (will explain in another post).

My son from birth detested his father and screamed if he so much as touched him. His father’s family were also spiritually projecting themselves at us. He had no tolerance for my mother his grandmother and her family with the exception of two.

My son adored his Grandfather my father, they thought the world of each other, but when my father had his strokes my son having clear vision could see the evil around his Grandfather with the doctors and nurses, so called family friends and family.

My son was extremely advanced for his age and this drew a lot of jealousy and hatred being projected at him at such a young age and he could see it all clearly coming to him. I was divorcing his father the courts way of dealing with it was distressing my son too much I could see this and did everything to bring into action to stop it and succeeded in doing so. This brought a lot of animosity being projected at us. My mother’s family were heavily into the dark arts which we were unaware, my son could see this clearly. At such a young age though he was very eloquent could not explain the unexplained.

Round about the time my son left I believe my Father’s youngest brother Bernard who died at 13 came to take my son home. My son talked about his new spirit friend which enraged my mother.

My son left without so much as a goodbye. It all makes sense now.

The Walk-In

The being which exchanged places with my son was the opposite of my son who was biddable, caring, loving and helpful at a very young age. The walk-in or cuckoo I shall call him was not. I found it hard to understand the dismissive, selfish, destructive and tantrum child I now had. Slowly his general appearance started to change a cross between his father and my mother’s grizzly family. I had days when I could hardly recognise the child I had given birth to. We were telepathic too especially before my son was born.

Over the years I had endless power battles with the cuckoo and he used abuse to manipulate. My health was becoming poor and I would bend just to have peace it was never peaceful. The cuckoo was moving from want to another he refused to help me as a single parent in any way. I tried to give him a good life including holidays and he ruined every single holiday. In fact he ruined his own life and mine.

I will not go into deeper detail but to say I am relieved to know the cuckoo is not my son makes it easier now to close the door and walk away.

I have since had many conversations with my son who is in the spirit realms back with our Ancestor Race. Yes, he has been suffering watching me from there all these years. I am pleased he is now on my team of guides.

I have now been able to heal the immense emotional pain and trauma from this exchange between my son and the cuckoo has had on me.


4 thoughts on “The Walk-In

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    I understand now…How frighting seeing this cuckoo take over for your son, oh my, must have been just a prolonged nightmare for you to handle! I am glad it has since worked out so you are once again on the same side…but..what a history!!

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