Natural Healers

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To be a Natural Healer is a rare quality, it is a Divine Gift and many so called spiritual people who believe they are healers are afraid when they come face to face with us, so the best they can do is criticise us to make themselves look better.

These people use what I call work-arounds (such as Reiki) for things we can do naturally.

Natural Healers  are connected to a greater healing source and it scares people.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Healers

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Work-arounds are what people do who have no natural ability to heal it creates a false impression that it is equal or better but in reality it creates a negative view about healing as the work-arounds are ineffective often binding the person’ s health so they can neither get better or more often become worse. They do not fully understand to what depths they are going with the person they are treating. One person I knew was doing a Touch therapy and I followed their instructions and when I pressed on the point they suggested and asked what was the thoughts that came from there. I said to him I want to die. (this is how I was feeling then) The therapist did not know what to say it really threw him and did not offer any further help or healing. Whereas a Natural Healer would sense this and bring in more light and remove the negative build-up on the client and at the end of the session they should feel uplifted and would require more healing to shift the heaviness away. I would speak to the person in a gentle way about their depression and negative feelings.

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