Reconciliation with the past is a must to bring understanding, acceptance and release. Once the past is reconciled a new future can be built from the knowledge of the past to create anew without repeating the same mistakes. Leaving the pain healed yet the lessons carried forward.

Be it Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter there is a great deal of pain from the past which requires healing.

We all carry our own pain which we must face to understand, accept and release/let go to allow us to heal.

There are collective or group pain and trauma which must be faced, understood, accepted and let go but carrying forward the lessons learned. Both sides have to be seen clearly without fear as today and now those who look back were not the original perpetrator and victims. Today those who look back are carrying Ancestorial pain and suffering. The suffering goes back in history in every country, race and religions.  These lessons should be recorded as part our history, world history as we all should be aware no more to be hidden swept under the carpet or floor boards.

I pray we can bring about a true reconciliation and it is possible if everyone tries even if it is healing your local community.

© 16-06-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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