Original Races

John Birdsall

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Before I start to write I accept responsibility for my own information as it is derived from my soul. I do not refer to historical or scientific books.  The information I give comes from my inner knowledge.

I have been on a truth seeking journey for many years recently my Soul has expanded greatly to receive information from the Universal Consciousness or the Myriad of Galaxies in which we belong.

I have read about the Annunaki my interpretation of this now varies from what I have read as people’s understanding of these groups of beings vary according to their understanding more often than not the interpretation is simplified.

I will refer to the Annunaki as the Original Races on Earth.

After Earth was manifested and Mother Earth her soul was securely in situ.  The ruling council of the Myriad of Galaxies met to agree on which beings or Soul Groups would go to settle and populate the Earth.  Many different races as you would perceive it were chosen and allocated regions to live.  This was an experiment to see if it was possible to live side by side and or integrate between the Soul Groups.  It is obvious when you look at our Earth and the Soul Groups which inhabit it.  Soul Groups you would consider similar are actually not they are completely different Soul Groups with their own Elders and ways of interacting with the ALL or the unison but all worked in goodness and on their right paths.

These Soul Groups were the original inhabitants on Earth and they were very highly evolved their foundation was LOVE. There was not any harm inflicted between groups.

Then Evil came from another galaxy and eventually through subtle ways started to contaminate the planet and the inhabitants.  This is something I am trying to understand is the how.  Through the integration of Evil so the disharmony and wars started.  The mixed offspring from evil were of a lower level of understanding they had to have rules and the rules had no love just to breed and survive.  This is why we have a mishmash of people.  Why what was a harmonious planet turned into a battlefield.

The Original Races or Settlers are still here but living on a higher dimension and are accessible by those who are from their soul groups.  The Original Races are working to rebirth Mother Earth they were the ones who assisted in the manifestation and now are working on the regeneration of the planet.

You may be able to see these Beings, I can see them, magnificent.  Every country and race has these Original Races and are patiently waiting for you to invite them to assist you in your goals and missions.  Even if you are not of the Original Race of the country these beings will work with you as you will carry the sign of the Original Races within your DNA and Blood, they can see, sense and smell it clearly.

I hope this will help you go forward in achieving your ideals and goals.

I have written a brief account of how it all happened.  You must work with your soul if you desire to know more and also your own truth.

© 6-06-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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