Joining Souls

This is my artwork, it depicts the Soul a good soul 


Envisioning is how you make changes.  Visualise and manifest see your end result stop wasting time praying.  Spend time seeing what you desire to be.

Project from your Soul and bring into action Holy Archangels and Holy Angels from the planets you require who have the remit to perform and assist your vision.

Lords and Ladies of the most high are able to do more than Holy Archangels and Holy Angels. They are a collective or power house of manifesting energy, pure manifestation which connects to your soul. The energy comes from them to your the soul and is projected through the mind to create a visual template for your being.

Until you understand about working on your own template you can only function on what has crudely been put in place for you with the restrictions of evil.

Once you break through the restrictions this is not enlightenment but the beginning of you being able to create yourself to your full potential.

Your soul has many facets or aspects from which you can learn and create your life.

Tapping into your soul you can start to seek your uniqueness but until you do this nothing will ever change.

Manifestion from the soul coupled with the support of the Annunaki brings about change through visualization projected like a TV programme.  Until you master this you will always be stuck on a treadmill. Your life will go nowhere.

You think you are being bound by evil but in actual fact you are being bound by your inability to work correctly with your soul and your real ancestors or soul groups.

Ancestors are not who you think they are.  They are not necessarily your relatives you were born into on Earth in many instances people during the birthing process were pushed by evil into families who were unable to sustain them or support their inner understanding.  This has resulted in a lot of abuse as the family is of the evil minion they need rules to follow and have no understanding of love and thus the create trauma a suffering for the so called ugly duckling which has hatched into the family. The ugly duckling who does not fit but turns into a magnificent swan for all to see with their jealousy.

Over thirty years ago my Spiritual Guardians taught me how to do basic work with my Soul.  All it took was this initial connection to open up my soul working.  Many profess to work and understand the soul are talking off the top of their heads.  The Soul is intricate multifaceted and can be truly complex at times though in reality it is simple.

It takes years to understand and work with your Soul each step is just that a step closer to understanding yourself and then you begin to understand others as you are more clear in who you are.

The more clear you become in yourself the more conflict you will find from the ignorant or those who are unable to start this process.  There is an energy given out by those who are cleaning themselves the power of the Light hits those who are full of negativity it hurts them as they are given a glimpse of who they are and these people hate you for it.  Hate with with intent.  You have to be strong and resilient to deal and deflect their hatred.  it may feel like jealousy but this is disguise to hide their hatred believe it or not it is natural as opposites clash on the energy levels.

Protect yourself be on your guard always as you move about this Earth of ours.

You can contact me to discuss any aspects of Soul work.

© 5-6-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.



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