Destructive Path


Google photo of many viruses

The virus is man-made NOT Divine.  Scientists made the virus it was a governmental creation.  Doctors, nurses spread the viruses anything contaminating the Earth and those who inhabit it.  They have an unwritten agenda to support the pharmaceutical companies which poison us and the planet.  It is all about money and doctors have always spread viruses it is money under the table.

The Evil Dream has carriers a collective set of sick minds:

Sex traffickers, sex tourism, sex workers, child abusers, men and women abusers, bullies, extremists, royals, paedophiles, animal abusers, plant abusers, drug abusers, drug traffickers, governments, religions, evil spawn and minions are carriers.

What is the core of the virus any virus it is the Evil Dream!

Are we all from one tree NO!

You are not, some are Divine Manifestation and many are Evil creation from a different galaxies.

Doctors are deciding who will die whereas only Our Heavenly Father has this right. the new agenda is anyone who dies now will be deemed to have died of Corvid-19.

So many births and deaths daily a factor of life and death on Earth.

Time to trust yourself it is your only hope.  Teach your children to follow the Divine Ways.  Use natural remedies experiment with these you will not harm yourself in fact you will strengthen your physical and spiritual being.

Drugs being prescribed now are unhealthy.

Draw the Soul Love and power being generated from the myriad of Galaxies who are projecting Soul Love on to this planet.


© 3-06-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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