Small Is Good

small business

My prayers and thoughts go out to the small businesses.

What has happened to you?

Can you still function or has the mighty hand of the large company taken all your customers and you have to sit and watch the days go by?

I really do not understand how so many people all bow down to one person!

I only bow to Our Heavenly Father.

What will be will be no matter what you try to stop or avoid!  It is going to happen.

I sincerely hope all things will start to work again people have to go out to live.

One thing living in Egypt all the shops are small so none have closed.  There are a few larger supermarkets but majority of the people shop at the small greengrocer and supply shops.  It is cash only too.  This is one of the few things I like about Egypt.  I have been shopping at the same greengrocer for 8 years now these people are good to me and accept my weirdness of buying very small quantities compared to the Egyptians.  The only shops suffering are cafes and restaurants, these are better off being closed.

When I lived in the UK I had my favourite little shops which sold organic foods and products. They were a treat to visit and buy from.  I hope these small businesses are still surviving the rigors of the paranoia.  I prayer you are able to open and provide your unique personalised services.

Praying for the end of the paranoia and return to life on Earth with more respect to be given to Mother Earth Our Earthly Mother, SHE requires our love and to be treated as she is precious to us all.

©29-05-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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