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Natural Medium

Today has been full of surprises and blessings.  I was merrily chatting to my Father this morning after I had some healing.  My Father passed away 30 years ago.  I feel very emotional when speaking to my Father as we both have many regrets due to my mother’s behaviour.  It was lovely to see and speak with him as always.

Another surprise just out of the blue my primary school best friend Elizabeth Cox’s Mother came through to me, always had the most beautiful smile and welcoming manner and then her husband came through to say hello they were both as clear and vivid as when I knew them.  I talked for some time with Mrs Cox her home always had a sweet natural perfume to it.  I loved it.  I loved this family very much such gentle folk of the times.  I was elated to see them both I spent much time growing up with their daughters Verity and Elizabeth and believe they are both still well in Australia. I received a lot of confirmation from Mrs Cox about now and near future I was very grateful for her visit this was really welcome and needed by me.  So difficult living in a negative environment I receive absolutely no relief from it.

Mrs Cox was a brilliant cook like so many Australian women in those days and before I knew it she had got me in the kitchen cooking rice and savoury mince the meal was done before I knew it.  I had to up my protein for the next part of my healing which is structural.  Mrs Cox’s spirit is still around me as I have a wonderful smile on my face, soft and gentle just like her.

Oh so many years ago I did work as a Natural Medium I was extremely nervous at the time as I did not like to make mistakes especially with other people, after all it is their lives and hopes.  From this morning’s visit I remember how much it means to get word from the spirit world of those who have passed on.  The love they so dearly miss and help they used to receive from their loved ones.

I worked on the telephones to do readings and I was always getting into trouble from the owners for doing brief readings (they wanted money) I wanted to gain the person’s confidence and trust not rip them off with babble. I could hear the desperation in the voices and I would do a summary reading (my choice) of 10 minutes this made the client very happy as it would give them an idea of what was happening around them.  What the telephone operator owners did not realise was the client would call back for a longer reading asking for me to be able to give them more details on the shorter reading they had received.  These telephone readings are sooo expensive and most of the money taken is for nonsense and guesswork.

I also aimed to start reading within a minute of speaking to the client so as not to waste their money.  You see I am a people person, I feel and understand the reasons why they were calling.

In the near future I may very well start to do Natural Medium readings.  Where I live is not very conducive to doing SKYPE or any other form of communication.

For those of you who follow people who are “channeling” ignore it as there are no Holy Spirits sending messages to anyone.  “Channeling” at the moment is personal development and healing only.   Beware Fallen Angels are sending messages out, if you are used to reading this stuff like I am you will note it is the same repetitive nonsense that was sent out years ago.

I can only assume since the Gateways have opened up more my beloved friends were able to travel through the Spiritual Realms to speak with me.  The energy around me today is truly blessed they came with their love to reciprocate the love I had for them all those years ago.

I hope you all are having an amazing day sending out much Soul Love and Joy to fill your entire being.

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