What Have I Been Doing 2


I am continuing on my self-healing and diet at the moment.

I went into Aswan yesterday still on the Feast Holiday and thank goodness my greengrocer was open and I could stock up on fruit and vegetables.

I had prayed for me to receive kindness today as I was feeling rather fragile from all the healing and as luck would have it, yes a few men were very kind to me, in fact one old many offered me his walking stick I was feeling so out of sorts.  A sat on a bench in the Souq and ate some fruit I had to and relished the fresh orange.  Many Sudanese are living in the hotels in Aswan and they smiled at me sitting knowing I should not do that, honestly I do not care. Needs must, it was too hot and I was beginning to tremble.  On the way back to the motorboat I stopped and had a strawberry yoghurt drink and sat to talk with the owner of the shop.  Finally got home had a good drink of water and slept for a few hours before making some soup.  The fresh tomato soup is really helping me detox.  I am not needing a lot of food or feeling really hungry.  I am careful with this.

This morning I woke up wanting a Pret A Manger Avocado Salad Sandwich and Carrot Cake an all organic establishment international cafes (not here). They are still open serving take-away and have opened a further 71 cafes due to this.  I did not know they give all end of day remaining food to homeless which is great to hear.  A strange thing happens to me when I detox I start to long for food which I cannot buy here in Egypt.  I used to love the food in Egypt years ago but they have rushed head-long into creating junk food.  Being highly sensitive to food stuffs I have low tolerance to food being served in cafes and restaurants much of the cakes are stale as money is the objective.  Oddly enough my friend here has also developed food sensitivity too.

I had been getting the feeling I needed to change my diet I was eating too much food, though compared to some I really do not overeat.  I never snack in between meals which is good.  I had started again with my old sensations around food of feeling nauseous which is a sign to me DO NOT EAT THIS.  I often get this in cafes and restaurants in Egypt these places aromas are not appetising for me nor the street food vendors hence I like to get home very quickly.  Though a new cafe has opened which just sells coffee it smells and tastes delicious but is closed now.

I am extremely careful with everything I do I follow my Soul and body’s guidance on what to eat and what not to eat.  Being rash is not my way, I have followed diets in the past and they do not work because they seem to replace one bad form of eating with another.

I hope you are all coping with the paranoia of our world.  Look to yourself for reasons why this is happening to to you and refrain from blaming others.   I have stepped out of the paranoia cannot be bothered with the nonsense of it all everyone seems to have lost all reason.




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