What have I been doing?

Lotus Flower

You may or may not know the heavenly gateways have opened to expand the Fifth Dimension.  The energies which are coming through are intense vibrations and it is imperative to spend time, now as you have it on working with the energy and acclimatizing yourself to it.  I have been sensing it for some months now but just flowing with daily healings of short durations.

Now the healings are intensifying starting about three days ago.  I had breakfast then went for a little nap as I wake up too early in the morning.  Apart from getting up to drink the a glass of water I was in a state of deep healing all day.  It was very difficult to get up at all.

The next day I woke feeling very weird, not really hungry but needing some kind of nourishment.  I made some fresh tomato soup it was perfect.

I was still out of sorts only difference being all my chakras or spiritual vortices were burning expanding with the energy opening and cleansing with the heightened energy and no this has nothing to do with being an empath.  This is to do with spiritual and physical upgrading to tolerate the higher energies being projected from the Universal Consciousness. Those of you who have pets who work with you spiritually they will be experiencing the same.

This morning’s breakfast was some more tomato soup I make it fresh from tomatoes, onion and cloves it really hits the mark.

All my loved ones were indicating I was not going on my laptop today.

I found myself starting some spiritual work I used to do with my Spiritual Centers many years ago that I have neglected to do.  I started at the crown or spiritual center working with my favourite Holy Archangels for healing.  I could feel a hand or at least some kind of support being placed around my face especially the jaw line.  I could see and feel White Healing Light flowing through my Spiritual Center, Communication Center and Soul Center they were taking a long time over each area so much so I went into a deep healing sleep of about four hours.

I awoke in need of something to each so I cooked a small portion of savoury rice and lemon water to drink.  Then returned to lay down for more healing of about three hours this time.

It is important to note when doing intense healing you should not over eat it will make you sick possibly vomit it back.  Food should be light and nourishing.  Do not over drink either.

There are no excuses anymore you have the time to spend on yourself.  Now is the time to sort yourself out.  For me this is work in progress always accepting, cleansing and releasing the past.  It has to go.   So much is bubbling up into vision and mind of what went on over the years.

How do I feel a bit strange as work is still on going in the physical and spiritual.

Take care and if you have any queries please contact me.

© 26-05-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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