What is Tarot?


Standard Tarot Rider Wait Pack

Tarot has become very popular and readings are booming some people are very accurate in what they do but majority of them are poor.

When I first decided to go to a Christian Spiritualist Church to learn more about healing.  I spoke to Nora Moore the President of the Church, a lady whom I have a high regard for.  Nora told me from the very first meeting not to do Tarot she advised me it is the lowest form of Clairvoyance and reading is at a psychic level.  The preferred Clairvoyance was Mediumship the highest form of channeling the Divine or as many did in those days Spirit Guides and Passed Loved Ones. Many of the Mediums were excellent in their delivery and very professional.  Nora’s advice stayed with me all these years.  Even though I did buy Tarot Cards or Reading Cards where the artwork was beautifully done.  To read the Cards with fine artwork takes a lot of skill as each card is like a picture telling a story so the reader must be very proficient indeed.

The Tarot Cards like Rider Waite  and other similar all have the same meaning more or less again dependent on the reader.

Today’s readers are poor and they take money or advantage of those who have less understanding.  They pick a card and read the meaning direct from the booklet.  I have seen this done so many times.  You could save yourself a lot of money in buying a pack of Tarot Cards and read the meaning yourself.

The next trick is Readers pick a Card reading for the day for a group of people or a general reading this is impossible, because remember we are all unique.  The reading will not fit all if any and again they just copy the meaning straight from the booklet, this happens a lot on Facebook.  Desperate people looking for hope only to be given a card and a booklet meaning.  The readers do not channel the meaning or put it into their own words.

I am disgusted with majority of readers they live off people’s fears and these days there are many, they build a false reputation as a diviner.  They also pad out with babble to fill in the time if it is a telephone reading.  I know I have experienced this myself. Ha, one told me I would not be charged for the rest of the reading, oh liar, liar and did I get a bill for that.  Desperation is the point which drives many to these people who just take advantage of those who are in real need of help and some are not in need of anything at all except to get a grip.  They panic as soon as life takes a turn for the worse and does not seem to change.  Well, we are all sitting in the same boat and it really rocks from time to time.

Fallen Angel Michael

Archangel Tarot Card – Picture of Fallen Angel

Cards like this appease the woman’s ego.

I have written about Angel Cards before and the pictures are so ugly not a true reflection of the Archangel.  These mighty beings cannot be seen as their enormity is so great.  Yet the artist take the inspiration from a Fallen Angel and if you bring these into your home they will only attract Fallen Angels, I know it happened to me.  I was yes, desperate to connect and bring in higher energy, joke after buying a few packs of Angel Cards I found my home filling up with demons, six by six dark shadow people walking through my home.  Money wasted and had to burn them.  Start again cleansing the home and doing what I should have done pray.

All these money wasters and distraction.  Our Heavenly Father taught me to work simply without all the frippery and that includes altars.  No need for them, all you require is your presence, commitment and intent.  Then the Power flows from Our Heavenly Father and Universal Consciousness.

Keep it simple and save your sanity.

© 21-05-2020 Nanette de Ville – All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “What is Tarot?

  1. lancesheridan says:

    It’s quite important to use the power of the Tarot correctly, not to use it for deception in order to obtain financial rewards. Your writing clearly enhances the real justification for using the cards. That is one of enlightenment, of truth!

    Liked by 1 person

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