Be Your Own Guru

After all these years of self-training, being my own Guru with Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth as my teachers. This is the only way to achieve working with your Soul to find out what is right for you and find your own unique way of working.

I have been in groups they are always unsatisfactory they end up with back biting due to jealousy. Jealousy I cannot understand when these so called spiritual people who constantly shout out you are all unique and then when you have skills they do not they become jealous and competitive or they get nasty by trying to stop your work on the social media with spite filled complaints to Support. When you work in groups your analytical skills have to be sharp you cannot afford to miss one slight and they are subtle. If you are thinking it then they are doing it. So be aware always.

Beware of groups run by men with lots of women running after him. The men need the feminine energy to empower themselves and they are vampires sucking in the energy and the women run crazily after them. Truly they are like headless chooks they swallow every lie hook line and sinker. Desperate women in need for attention, a leader or a guru. Who will play mind, manipulation and control games with them. The opposite can be said about women too.

The only way to work is solo, you will have nobody trying to hold you back and you will progress at your own speed. You will be taken down your path on subject matter which relates to you and not what the group leader wants to do. I am Solo Practitioner of Natural Healing and many of the Spiritual Arts. I have achieved this working on my own. I know what you are thinking it gets lonely, yes, honestly it does. After what I have been through and all the time wasting spent clearing up the damage done to me by others through jealousy it is not worth it. I have got used to working alone and especially now with restrictions on going out. I spend all day working on my spiritual work such as personal development, channeling, self-healing, distant healing for others, prayers, developing new prayers, helping others.

My work on WordPress is to help others find their way of working. You can start with my suggestions and adapt it to your ways which should be unique. We do get some crossing over of techniques but only in work type not in methods, your method should be unique.

Many people like to work with grids, I prefer to free flow spiral this is how Our Heavenly Father taught me to work. I like to flow as rigidity is not natural to me.  I do not like to be structured in anyway.



Although I am very self-disciplinedSpirals 2When I do healing the energy I project swirls softly through the body and will repeatedly swirl or flow over negative points gently removing the obstacle or disease. This is how my self-help videos work too my projected healing energy flows into your being as you gaze upon the crystal, plant or scene.You must develop your own style if you are just starting out with inner path working within yourself and in a group you may be taught methods which go against your natural flow and you will struggle with them.  Have confidence to work your way, your style and method.  As you will find many groups are just copies of each other nothing unique like they say.  They have become clones.Also become a people watcher this is important trait to have.  You will sharpen up your people skills and save yourself a lot of time if you observe how others in groups are visibly and invisibly behaving.  The more adept you become you will see what is not being shown or said.I found the Chakra work or as I prefer to call the Spiritual Centers/Vortices.  The standard method for cleaning Chakras does not work for me it makes me feel ungrounded and sickly.  I developed my own method of working and this is all right with me.  I feel good after doing this work.  Check out my link below or perhaps you may feel the need to do something more different.
How to cleanse Spiritual Vortices

Work out what is right for you and do not change just to please others know your own truth and you become resilient, strong, protected and unique.If you require any further advice you can always contact me.If you found my work is beneficial to you, I gratefully receive donations.© 21-05-2020

Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved 


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