Crystal Healing What is it?


My Own Crystal Collection

You may be wondering why I am using crystals to do healing as I am an advocate for not buying crystals. Tonnes of Mother Earth is being dug up, broken up which are vital for her functioning and transformation.  To satisfy people’s greed and ego they are buying too many.

I have to put my hand up in all honesty I had many crystals  so guilty as charged.  On departing the UK I had to give them all away it was sad parting with them.  I gave them to a charity shop.

Crystal Healing What is it?

Many “Healers” believe the Crystals have power and they empower the person.  Wrong!

The power projected from the Crystal is down to the potential of the Healer.  The potential comes from the Soul and DNA of the Healer.  The Power is transmitted from Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth through the Healer as a channel.  The stronger the healing energy from the Healer is enhanced by commitment to Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth and the amount of cleansing the Healer has done to accept and release past issues.  The more baggage you have the lower vibration of the energy transmitted, virtually ineffective.

I went to a crystal group to learn, gained some real life lessons in this.  We were always asked to partner up and then pick a crystal to work with.  You could hear many saying as they picked up a large crystal “give me some of this power”this person type was high in ego not suitable for doing any form of healing. Healing is not about power but being a clean channel for Our Heavenly Father to project the healing energy through.

I always picked a small tumble stone to work with, because remember the size of the crystal does not make it powerful it is the potential of the soul and the connection to Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth which empowers the crystal.

My partner went first we sat a distance apart I could feel the flow of the energy from the crystal she was using pass over me, it felt good and I was grateful.  Then it was my turn to project healing through the crystal, I saw her flinch from the projected healing energy as it landed on her head, there was a negative barrier to be broken through.

You see those who have a high potential for healing and using crystals to amplify the projected energy have a better response working with a tiny tumble stone than someone with a large geode whose potential is very low.

Crystals 1

What is the most important thing about crystals?

The most important thing about crystals is keeping them all clean.  Some must be cleansed every week and those you are working with all the time must be cleansed after use to remove any negativity collected.  Others can be cleansed once a month and full moon time is ideal.  I used to place mine in a large bowl of water with salt added to it and put them out to receive the moonlight and sunshine to cleanse them.  There are a few crystals which you cannot cleanse in this way so prayer over them and place them in the moonlight and sunshine.  Having a large stock of crystals takes a lot of love and care.

What about protecting your crystals?

This is another import part of keeping crystals you have to protect them and close them to the touch of others.  Well, you know not everyone who comes into your environment has good intent and could damage the crystal energy to work against you and your clients.

What about connecting to the Soul of Crystal?

Do you connect to the Soul of the Crystal?  I used to talk and pray over each Crystal you have to in order to create a bond between the two of you.

For me it was imperative to connect to Our Heavenly Father and Mother Earth to oversee everything to ensure I was working to my highest good for all.

My Healing Posts with Crystals and Plants how does that work?

It works as I am adept in projecting the Healing energy from Our Heavenly Father, Mother Earth and Lord Yeshua.  I use my special healing prayers and Holy Healing Angels to enhance my work so it is really beneficial to you.  My sincere desire is to enable you to heal yourself through my work.  To be able to focus on areas which require the most healing.  I have received many compliments from those who have already worked with my videos and found them to be effective.

The photographs of crystals, plants and scenes I am able through my healing gift to enhance the content of the photograph to project healing to you by using my special prayers.

I hope this has given you more understanding about Crystal Healing.

© 14-05-2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved




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