Increase your Creativity and more

tiger eye 2

Increase your Creativity and more…

Tiger Eye is an amazing crystal it is raw cut stone with no refinement or polishing and this one just oozes with healing energy.  I have enhanced the Tiger Eye with special prayers to help your healing and work with your self-healing.

Focus on the Tiger Eye it is raw uncut healing energy of a gentle nature to begin with as it the healing flows into your Creativity Center or your Solar Plexus.  You will feel the energy swirling around your Creativity Center the Tiger Eye healing energy will flow over and over points where negativity has gathered in your Creativity Center.

As you clear out negativity in your Creativity Center this will increase your willpower and motivation.  Many have had the willpower blocked in childhood.  Tiger Eye helps you to bring back your willpower and increase your motivation to live your life fully.

As you continue your focus on the Tiger Eye feel the energy expand or move to the Thymus Gland, this is between your Throat and Soul Center. 

You may feel some pain when the Tiger Eye Healing flows into the Thymus Gland. The Thymus helps in balancing the immune system.  

The Thymus Gland reflects your “intentions” and your emotions held with your Soul.

By healing your Thymus Gland this enables you to receive and give love more freely. Improving relationships with others.

The Thymus requires your own Soul Love.

Still focusing on the Tiger Eye now you will feel the healing energy flow down to your Emotional Center in your lower abdomen this is where majority of trauma and emotional pain is held. The energy will pull your muscles inward to release negativity held here. The energy continues to swirl around in your Emotional Center releasing negativity and reducing your fears collected over the years. Allow these emotions to disappear and flow out through the soles of your feet. 

Ancient Wisdom Milky Quartz

Bring your focus now to the Milky Quartz feel the White Light which is being projected onto you from the Spiritual Center or Crown of your Head.  The energy from the Milky Quartz is soft and soothing.  Allow the Healing Energy of the Milky Quartz to gently soothe and flow down from your Head into your entire being.

The Milky Quartz is placing a blanket of Healing Energy over your entire being feel it encapsulating you and soothing every atom of your physical being. 

You feel at peace, relaxed and more balanced.

Always Remember you are Loved

You may have to repeat the entire Healing again for the real benefit.

©13/05/2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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