Energy Changes

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I welcome any clearances or hidden badness to be revealed and cleared away.

Now is a time the Holy Angels are forcing issues to be released.  The recent opening and expansion of the Heavenly Realms and Mother Earth’s Holy Angels  are expanding in space and soul love. Their energy has already begun their work work.

It will be a rocky road for some Instead of holding on tight you must let go.

Issues will come to the fore  now and may create disharmony between people or you may simply be ready to accept and let go on a deeper level.

Everything you do now do so with care, self-care.  Be mindful of others in your life too as they will also be experiencing this energy.

Mother Earth and her Holy Angels are forcing you to move up into the 4th and 5th dimension.

The 5th Dimension has lighter energy and full of Soul Love people on this level are more giving and kinder.

Make sure you rest and give yourself healing time.  Healing takes form in sleep a deeper sleep than your normal sleep and this again are the Holy Angels doing healing on you.

Remember you are Loved

I made a conscious decision I had enough of the 4th Dimension and all the warring spirits and spiteful people and stepped up to the 5th Dimension this is a step in your consciousness.  Your Soul is wanting this as the lower levels are very acrimonious they have a different life experience to those who live on the higher realms.