Difference between 5th and lower dimensions

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This is a just a brief example of what I am experiencing now as the 5th Dimension is coming into play.  I chose to step up into the 5th Dimension as I could no longer cope with the mentality of those around me.  I have kept a window for the lower Dimensions as there is some closure still to be done.  My life has improved greatly in doing this as the 5th Dimension energy pushes away the harmful negativity and draws in people who are on the same level.

This is an example of the difference in dimensions.

The other day I went to the local shop to buy some groceries. On the way there is an old lady I always greet.

Old Lady said to me it is hot today, the sun is strong.

I said the sun is hot but the breeze is sweet.

On the way back from the shop.

The Old Lady looking confused at me repeated again.

The sun is very hot today

I said yes the sun is hot but the breeze is sweet, I could see the trees swaying happily in the breeze.  I felt a soothing breeze on me.

Old Lady looked at me as if I were crazy and stated there is no breeze it is just hot.

This is the difference from 5th  Dimension and those living in 2nd Dimension.

Fifth Dimension is gentler and kinder existence people in this dimension are givers and share their soul love to the all .  They are committed to making changes and helping others.  You will find many of the Ancient Beings living in this dimension.  The environment is much kinder too.

The Second Dimension is coarser much denser energy than in the 5th.  The 2nd Dimension is about basic living and needs without any refinement. They have a very poor understanding of life and love.  The energy around them is highly negative with an emphasis in pursuing to harm others for their own gain.

I hope this brief example gives you an idea about the differences in the dimensions.  To understand more you need to converse with your Soul and the Divine.

A lot of what I receive these days is on a vibration communication not in words so it is at a deeper level and a known understanding.  You will not find any answers to questions and changes happening now in books it is all within your soul.  You have the answers.  You have to make the effort like I have to want to learn and understand more.

The benefit of working with your soul now is you will learn what part you have to play in the all.


©12/05/2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


9 thoughts on “Difference between 5th and lower dimensions

  1. kinge says:

    Thank you for the brief explanation and for clarifying the dense energy in lower dimensions. So, to tune to the higher dimensions is to realize high states? Yes, only through discovering the secrets and potentials hidden within can we understand the without.

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