Peace Rose

People think the Corona Virus is the worst yet.  I do not think so there are far worse viruses than this.

Many people have diseased minds and some interlink of minds in groups.  Their thinking and living is so sick and abusive.

These people or creatures as I prefer to call them believe themselves to be above all else on our Earth.  That is right, in their foolishness they believe themselves to have more rights than another person, animal and plant life.  Their needs are to be gratified before anyone else. They will do anything to survive very much like a creature they have less than basic understandings of life.  I am sure you know or have seen plenty of them.  For me I have had enough of them.

This is what plagues our Earth for they have no love for Mother Earth or anyone else except their sick-minded view of life and their basic creature needs which are less than an animal.

You see sick-minded creatures like them attract viruses and diseases for this is what they are many are just carriers of diseases which is sad because they infect the good people of the Earth.

Those who went to China where the outbreak was.  Ask the question what was the intention of those who went to China was it with good or bad intent.  So many travelers go with bad intentions these days as this is what our world has become one seedy place to live, it is all about self-gratification, abusing others especially children, greed and perversion.

Then everyone asks why did the virus happen?

Simple – sickness attracts sickness whether it be good or evil intent to eradicate the sickness on Earth.

There is nothing like Evil to deal with Evil.

© 2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Viruses

  1. ivor20 says:

    Yes Nanette, we’ve seen these creatures in action, at the supermarkets, greedily buying up shelves of supplies for themselves, without regard nor care for their fellow neighbours….. and now they are at it again…. disregarding/arrogantly ignoring shutdown and isolation procedures…..xx

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