Open Your Creativity


Pray enhanced photograph by Evie and Mitch.

As soon as I saw this photograph I immediately felt my Creative Center or Solar Plexus start to vibrate and the energy expand outwards from the center,

The colour of the flowers are exquisite the energy they emit is powerful and great for unblocking or removing stagnating energy within your Creativity Center.

Bring your focus to the flowers within the photograph feel yourself relaxing as the yellow energy flows into your Creativity Center or Solar Plexus.

You will feel a gentle pulsation in and around your Creativity Center or Solar Plexus.  This center connects strongly with Mother Earth the pull or force from this center is very grounding.

Allow the energies from the yellow flowers to breakdown any blocks you may have been holding there.  You may have a creativity block which is stopping you to be able to express yourself.


Take your focus now to the Rainbow Clear Quartz and feel it beginning to cut away the blocks and releasing them.  See a White Light being projected from here into your Creative Center. 

You will again feel a stronger pulsation or vibration from the Rainbow Clear Quartz as the energy being projected flows over and over areas which require healing. The Rainbow Clear Quartz will force the negative energy down and out through the soles of your feet.

Return your focus back to the Yellow Flowers and allow the Creativity Center to draw in the healing properties of the flowers.  Your Creative Center is being energised.

Ancient Wisdom Milky Quartz

Ancient Wisdom Milky Quartz

Focus on the Milky Quartz see the White Light projecting through it.  The Light slowly swirls gently throughout your whole being, soothing adding protection as the Light flows and out through your soles of your feet.

You may have to repeat this contemplation a few times to see more impact on your healing.  The Liver and Pancreas are included in this part of the body you may notice an improvement within yourself.


If you have any questions please ask me.

©2020 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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