Watch the Sky At Night NOW

Waxing Crescent Moon


I could not get a photo of what happened a couple of days ago.

Have you been watching the Sky at Night it has been amazing. I could hardly believe my eyes. Do take the time to observe as there is a lot going on.

It would have been about 7 pm I was sat with one of my cats out in the courtyard enjoying the moon. Well what happened???

A mid point between Sirius and the Moon a beam of greyish light shot upwards towards the Moon region. Not long after there was a flash of Purple Light across the sky. Not all the stars were stars they were appearing and disappearing like shields going up and down. Purple Light streaking across the night sky from different directions. Some looked like a curve ball being thrown as the Purple Light Curved around the sky. Amazing then there seemed to be a Search Light coming down from the Moon’s area.

I noticed a dark mass in the sky and all of a sudden star appeared shield down shot a Purple Light from the left and the immediately afterwards from the right another Purple Beam shot across and the Dark Mass disappeared.

I was awe struct by it all this went on for about 2 hours well I had to nap was exhausted. Later on about 12:30 am I woke up I saw a large white beam of light with something on fire at the front of it and then it exploded into nothingness.

I sat again last night it was not as spectacular as the day before. I will definitely be out watching the Night Sky today.

The Sky has much activity right now and you should if you can watch the evening sky.

I was disappointed my camera is not good enough to take a photo, then there are things we should not photograph.

Today is a major day cosmically so take time out to watch the night sky.

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